German Shepherd Pranked By Crocodile Mask!🦖❤🐕‍🦺

German Shepherd Pranked By Crocodile Mask! We hope you enjoy this video, subscribe to Rocky! The wagging of the tail shows he knows it’s you and the sniffs, but the dog  was worried you’ve been taking over by aliens   The dog is very confused. The creature smells like his owner, but it looks very strange. And he is obviously bewildered and scared by those big teeth. Aww…oh my goodness… sweet sweet precious boy! He’s trying so hard with all of his might to remain calm and collected but with good reason freaking out at the same time… this is a messed up joke! He looked really frightened and confused. His heart was probably racing and pounding hard. I mean. Some people will call me a debbie downer but I think this is a really mean prank to pull on your doggie! :c Its so funny to see Rocky reaction.. Looks confused. Luckily you didn’t wear the whole costume, he may have tear you up because Rocky thought his dad being swallow up by the alligato

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