Fun Animals | Cute cats and dogs 2022 #7

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How an experienced dog mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm.

She wants to enter the puppy room in peace but her puppies are too excited. She also wants to teach them to stop drinking milk anymore. When the puppies are getting calm Rosalie starts taking care of them. With this behavior she teaches them that the only way to success (in this case being together with the mother) includes a calm energy level This is why it’s important not to get your puppies too young. It’s important for the mother to teach basic behavior. I love how everyone agrees that “KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF!!!” Is so universal that we can even understand when a dog says it This is genuinely fascinating and I love how you can tell which one of the pups is the trouble maker 😂 This dog has more parenting skills than some people i know the moment she barked, I got up from bed and prepared for school…

Cats and Babies ★ Cat Meets Baby for First Time (HD) [Funny Pets]

I’m going to die like I LOVE babies and I LOVE cat and this video made my day 😍😍😙😙❤❤💖 I like the ones rubbing themselves against the babies, like saying, yeah, whatever it is, is mine now, I’m marking it! 😂 😂 Como é bom ter gatos são doces gentis amorosos alegres e alegram nossas vidas são tudo de bom nesse mundo 😗😘 Toda criança que é ensinada à dar amor e carinho à todos os seus animais será feliz e saberá o que é realmente AMAR E RESPEITAR OS ANIMAIS… Terá um índole lindaaa e será por toda vida muito amado (a)😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 To ALL the moms and dads who have allowed your kitties to welcome your babies into the world, congratulations. My grandson’s 1st friend was a little kitty we had rescued. HE’LL NEVER forget her!!!! Que bonito ver a unos padres que pongan a su mascota al lado de su bebé es un gesto muy bonito 😘 felicidades a los padres 😘 saludos desde la isla de Tenerife Canarias 😘 When my grandson is napping at my house my cat always sleep next to him and you can tell that he goes into a very deep sleep because when he wakes up he’s very relaxed and happy OMG OMG…. That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And it’s so true. I own a cat who is the most important and loving pet ever, so I Kno first hand ✋. He is my guardian and cuddle buddy!!!❤💙💟❣This is why I love cats. They are the nicest animals to babies. Or any young animal.

This dog is an Einstein wannabe. She’s also hilarious.

I love how she thinks she can’t be seen under the chair. I love Lola’s adorable puppy energy! But is no-one going to mention how he’s trained Lola to go pee-pee on the tiny loo?? It’s fascinating what she is capable of! She might even benefit from training to be a service dog or to solve intricate puzzles. Some dogs are able to remember the names of and distinguish between more than a hundred different toys. I wonder how Lola’s limits could be tested and expanded – for her own pleasure and satisfaction, of course. Her high capability needs high engagement or her mental health may suffer in the long term…My dog and I are watching this together – I think she’s intimidated by Lola’s intelligence lol This is one my favorite videos of all time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ She has literally got to be one of the most cutest dogs I have ever seen! You definitely won the jackpot with Lola! 🥰 She is absolutely ADORABLE and her personality is on a whole nother level! 👌 So good to see Lola found a great home with you. I don’t understand people who offload animals onto complete strangers without thoroughly checking out the prospective owners and home. The wonderful thing about dogs is that a good one protects its owner even with its own life, and without a second thought. There are parents who wouldn’t do that for their own children. We can’t find a better friend than a good dog.

Family brings home a blind cat. And he keeps surprise attacking everyone.

It’s remarkable to see how well Rudy functions without sight. Imagine losing a game of hide-and-go-seek to a BLIND cat! He’s a joy to watch. Rudy is such a testament to the resilience and will to survive that exists in animals. So glad that you all gave him a chance to enjoy such a wonderfully fulfilling life. We need more people like this in the world. I live with my daughter who has 4 cats. Two have no physical disabilities, one was born with dwarfism, essentially born blind, the fourth was rescued from the streets by a local law enforcement officer. He had a sever upper respiratory infection and both eyes infected. One eye had be be surgically removed, the other is badly scared but allows him to see a little bit. When I saw him at the shelter, I told the officer that my daughter was going to want him. The next day she adopted him. We thought we were helping him, we didn’t know we needed him. He has blessed us so very much!! What a sweet, sweet story that came out of a sad one. Rudy is a doll. It’s amazing how well he has adapted, and espectially how well he can judge distance of one of the other cats or the dog. He clearly is well cared for and well loved, and is very loving in return. Thank you for taking in special needs animals. And it IS good for people to see how well things can work out. Much love to Rudy and his human and critter family! Rudy doesn’t need sight, just love and understanding and wonderful parents. The fact that he has other siblings in the house makes a world of difference for him, just the way he interacts with them makes up for his disability He’s a very pretty kitty 🧡

The kitten meows loudly to wake the big serious guy.

We have adopted two kittens that are not mother cats. We named them Kiki and Steve. Kittens are very small and often meow loudly. We often keep them in our arms to keep them warm. And to make them feel cared for. The kitten does not like his father to sleep. He meows loudly in his ear to wake him up. Kiki is a typical calico girl..😂😂😂 She’s pretty and demanding and that’s what is sooooo adorable about them❣️❣️🐾🐾🐾❤️


CATS are so sweet and cute but sometimes they can be real pain in the neck! Look how these cats annoy their owners and make trouble. Bad for owners but fun for you! Bet you will laugh super hard! I have 12 rescue cats….and I can honestly say that I DO relate to every one of these clips 100%. If it can be done…a cat will do it…and create a few new stunts as well. I have been chased, my feet attacked, my food stolen, my bathroom floor covered in toilet paper, stuff knocked off of shelves….if something startles one…the whole crew goes flying through the house all at the same time and none of them even knows what they are running from, curtains in the floor, my kitchen cabinets get opened, my son’s dresser drawers get opened and EMPTIED so someone can curl up and sleep there, one of the few that is allowed outside a few hours a day tends to bring home black snakes as a “present” and I cannot tell you the last time I had a Christmas tree….I gave that up years ago. All this and more I endure on a daily basis….and WHY you ask? No other animal can screw up so much stuff and make it so hilarious. And being smacked in the face early in the morning when it’s time to eat….there’s no sleeping late with a feline in the house. 🤣 Both of my cats were strays, Buddy was a true feral cat, he was about 6 months old when he started showing up in the evenings to eat. As soon as he would see me he would dash away. After 3 months of feeding him every evening he started to trust me, so I put his food on my porch one evening to see what he would do, after about 15 minutes of howling and complaining he came up on my porch and started eating. He has not left since, and that was 4 years ago, now he follows me everywhere. About a year later someone dropped off a beautiful female tiger cat that I named Miss Kitty, she is the most loveable cat I have ever known, she will fall asleep on your shoulders and purrs so loud you could use her purr as an alarm ⏰. They both are outside cats, but when it rains, or when it’s cold they will scratch at my window to come in, and they pretty much stay close by when they are out and about

Dogs Who Love Their Kitten Since The Moment They Met – CATS AND DOGS Friendship

All friendships in life are worthy of respect. What about the friendship between dogs and cats? Check out this video to see if they’re close friends. Let’s start. Enjoy!

No One Wanted a Special Kitten Until He Met This Woman

He was born with water on the brain and defective legs, and no one was interested in giving him a place to live. All they could see were defects, and not the cat underneath … how could anyone NOT want a special needs kitty or other animal?..i love all creatures, but my heart bleeds for the disadvantaged creatures who need help..thank you for loving and caring for zeke. Thanks for giving Zeke a home. I could not do this, because it would make me cry how cruel nature can be to it’s own. I’m almost in tears because of Zeke and I would instantly cry when I meet a kitty like this. I’m too soft for this world, and I’m glad my cat is a healthy cat. Thankful that people out there who give love to such cuties like Zeke. Regards

Cute Baby Bunnies think the Golden Retriever is their Mother

Cute Baby Bunnies 22 days old think the Golden Retriever is their Mother! Look at how little rabbits lay near Bailey they probably decided that the dog is their mother. We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos. Years ago we adopted a Golden Retriever named Betsy’s, she looked “healthy” when we got her. Little by little her healthy turned out to be pregnant. She had her puppies and all were born dead. We buried the pups, by morning she dug them up and were in her bed. My Dad took the pups off. The next day I woke and heard noises in her bed. I looked over and she had stole 3 bunnies. She nursed them and loved them . The bunnies followed her around like she was their Mom. Since we lived on a farm Betsy kept her bunnies. They always cuddled with her at night ( she was spayed after the bunnies were weened). She was a great dog. I’m always amazed how a large dog seems to know that little ones like bunnies are helpless and vulnerable. She is so gentle and loving to them and seems to know not to be rough or she would hurt them. So precious, thank you for sharing. ❤️😊 OMG Bailey is such a sweet adorable mom to the bunnies and the bird, this made my day thank you Bailey!! 💛❤️🤗🤗🐣🐕🐇🐰 Happy Easter 💐 Bailey: “Ok, I don’t exactly know what you guys are, but you’re furry & cute except your ears point the wrong way, up not floppy. How do you do that?” Bunnies: “It takes some time in the morning, but let’s just say there’s alot of hair product involved!” Bird: “try feathers, easy maintenance!” 😆❤🐶🐰🐦