CATS are so sweet and cute but sometimes they can be real pain in the neck! Look how these cats annoy their owners and make trouble. Bad for owners but fun for you! Bet you will laugh super hard! I have 12 rescue cats….and I can honestly say that I DO relate to every one of these clips 100%. If it can be done…a cat will do it…and create a few new stunts as well. I have been chased, my feet attacked, my food stolen, my bathroom floor covered in toilet paper, stuff knocked off of shelves….if something startles one…the whole crew goes flying through the house all at the same time and none of them even knows what they are running from, curtains in the floor, my kitchen cabinets get opened, my son’s dresser drawers get opened and EMPTIED so someone can curl up and sleep there, one of the few that is allowed outside a few hours a day tends to bring home black snakes as a “present” and I cannot tell you the last time I had a Christmas tree….I gave that up years ago. All this and more I endure on a daily basis….and WHY you ask? No other animal can screw up so much stuff and make it so hilarious. And being smacked in the face early in the morning when it’s time to eat….there’s no sleeping late with a feline in the house. 🤣 Both of my cats were strays, Buddy was a true feral cat, he was about 6 months old when he started showing up in the evenings to eat. As soon as he would see me he would dash away. After 3 months of feeding him every evening he started to trust me, so I put his food on my porch one evening to see what he would do, after about 15 minutes of howling and complaining he came up on my porch and started eating. He has not left since, and that was 4 years ago, now he follows me everywhere. About a year later someone dropped off a beautiful female tiger cat that I named Miss Kitty, she is the most loveable cat I have ever known, she will fall asleep on your shoulders and purrs so loud you could use her purr as an alarm ⏰. They both are outside cats, but when it rains, or when it’s cold they will scratch at my window to come in, and they pretty much stay close by when they are out and about

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