This dog is an Einstein wannabe. She’s also hilarious.

I love how she thinks she can’t be seen under the chair. I love Lola’s adorable puppy energy! But is no-one going to mention how he’s trained Lola to go pee-pee on the tiny loo?? It’s fascinating what she is capable of! She might even benefit from training to be a service dog or to solve intricate puzzles. Some dogs are able to remember the names of and distinguish between more than a hundred different toys. I wonder how Lola’s limits could be tested and expanded – for her own pleasure and satisfaction, of course. Her high capability needs high engagement or her mental health may suffer in the long term…My dog and I are watching this together – I think she’s intimidated by Lola’s intelligence lol This is one my favorite videos of all time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ She has literally got to be one of the most cutest dogs I have ever seen! You definitely won the jackpot with Lola! 🥰 She is absolutely ADORABLE and her personality is on a whole nother level! 👌 So good to see Lola found a great home with you. I don’t understand people who offload animals onto complete strangers without thoroughly checking out the prospective owners and home. The wonderful thing about dogs is that a good one protects its owner even with its own life, and without a second thought. There are parents who wouldn’t do that for their own children. We can’t find a better friend than a good dog.

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