THE CUTEST German Shepherd Puppies Ever!!

I was having such a rough day at work. I’m an “essential worker” so I will admit there are days I am burned out dealing with patients and staff. Until I logged on here; I feel much better now!!! Puppies make everything better, especially German Shepherds. Thank you for sharing this video with us; your videos always put such a smile on my face These puppies are adorable! I Love my german shepherds. When their puppies they are so cute, and when they grow up they are so handsome!🐶❤ Hard to believe it’s been two years since this video was posted. Sometimes I wonder where these guys are now. I hope they all found good homes where they will be happy and loved. I saw a woman at the park about 5 years ago that had a German Shepherd puppy. I got to play with it for a couple minutes while talking to her, coolest little dog in the world. Oh, how I wish I could give a home to one of those girl pups! My birthday is mid-September, and it would be the best gift ever. But I live pretty far away in the New England area, and sadly we cannot have dogs where we live. Plus, I’m not really ready and properly prepared to take in a German Shepherd puppy yet. Hopefully in a year or two 🙂 You have both the best life and the best job in the world More importantly ALL the puppies, no matter the breed love u unconditionally. We should all have thus level of happiness in our lives!😅🎇

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