Adorable Baby Girl Saves Cat From Golden Retriever Puppy! Milo Is A Menace!

Amelia loves her cat and she won’t stand by and watch as Buddy the golden retriever harasses him! Milo can hold his own and throws some punches at the hairy foe but he relishes being saved by his golden haired princess haha! Buddy like most dogs can be a bit silly when it comes to playing witth cats, they love the chase and as the old saying goes ‘its all fun and games until someone loses an eye!’ Our dogs are so gentle and Milo loves the interaction. As a mainecoon they are known to be great with dogs and they love the play. Amelia scurries over to save Milo while being chased by Buddy, luckily we have such a big area she can play to her heart’s content inside as the weather is terrible here 70% of the year! Milo is a big furry baby, he’s enjoying all the baby’s items. I’m always seeing him in the bouncer, stroller even the baby bassinet, so funny 🤣 (lol) hugs from the states 🇱🇷 ♥️ Get well Amelia. 🤗 Aww, Mia is feeling poorly, but there are still good signs of energy playing with Buddy. Milo is doing what Milo does, taking over all baby sized equipment for himself,lol. Thanks for sharing. Buddy is so clever switching directions midway in the game. Grumpy old Milo , he just wants to be left alone to sleep. lol. Poor Amelia, the cough is just annoying you. It’s hard to get rid of this time of year. (I sympathise, I was the very same), bless you, princess 👸 ❤️ I just love you, Amelia and Buddy, playing together. ❤️💙❤️💙

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