Alaskan Malamute Protecs Baby With Her Life! (Cutest Ever!!)

Niko adores babies and when her new member of the pack arrived she’s been forever by his side following and guarding. Nathan isn’t quite sure what to make of the fluffy ones yetbut he soons perks up when they start singing. I think Milo is his bestie at the moment as they snuggle together everywhere he goes. Niko sure has a thing for being in charge though, check her out when she has to pass Milo on the stairs, she’s not having any of the showdown and has to remind him who is boss! Niko would protect any of us but especially her little skin puppies haha. Funnily Niko is the one you would watch out for if we ever came into danger! She’d definitely be first to stop the trouble. Mama Niko is so photogenic!! She just looks straight at your camera (at us) with those sweet round eyes!! She’s such a sweet girl!! Ah-woooo!!! ❤️😍 Love how Niko demands respect from Milo. There was plenty of room for her to go downstairs but she made Milo move first by growling. If this was Phil he would have walked down the stairs through that gap on the left without giving Milo a seconds thought as he considers Milo his dear friend and isn’t interested in status dynamics. I just love all the different personalities of your dogs and Milo of course. It so wonderful to watch. Adorable 🥰 all around… Beautiful baby… Beautiful pup… Thank you for letting her know she is still very much loved… even with the arrival of your new bundle of joy !! 2:29 ❤

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