Funniest animals / Fun with cats and dogs 2022 / LA #25

Love the dog carrying himself by his tail down the driveway😂😂😂 Замечательная подборка, самые лучшие друзья человека. Любят и всегда ждут тех кто их любит. Спасибо, лайк Thank you for these great moments. Amazing, but I watch many ‘funny animal’ videos and still see original content. Our pets are very creative. Loved the raccoons. Lived on Cape Breton which was not supposed to have raccoons – the causeway being the ultimate barrier to animal crossings! LOL! One Saturday night, working as a deskclerk at an inn, one of the owners slipped out the kitchen door to put the wafers for the next day’s communion in his car. He was interrupted when his wife who called him to the phone. Next thing the cook looks out & half a dozen raccoons are making off with the sacrament! They had been placed on a tray on the good of his Ford. Thank You For Lightening My Mood! It’s So Needed In This Dark Times Of Coronavirus And Chaos! I Love Animals! I Love Nature! Let’s Love Them Together! Greets From Russia! Vote! Don’t feed Rudolph salty stuff ! He’ll get thirsty. Then drunk on Santa’s egg nog….🥃🥃🥃🦌 Drunk flying reindeer is a big NO NO !!! 🤣 Love from Norway 💖




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