Introducing a Rescued Kitten to the Big Cats for the First Time

It’s so cute how Yuni just hit the wall above Haru after he tried to swipe at her. It might have just been a miss but I think that was Yuni’s way of telling Haru to humble himself without hurting him since she knows she’s way bigger than him 😂💕 So good to see Yuni and Soni again! Big cats always act funny to babies because they’re afraid the mother cat will attack to protect their baby. When they figure out he is on his own, I know they will come to love Haru very much!! 😻🌈🥰❤️😍 Awww…The resourcefulness of young people. While Yuni and Soni try to get acquainted with the baby cat by gently moving around the room, little Haru explores everything and he seems to be already familiar with the objects of the house and he’s not afraid of Yuni 🏠😻💖😻💖🐈❤️🥰 🍀🐾 Years ago I adopted a kitten (Ginger) that was just like that with my older cat (Sam). When I introduced them, Sam arched his back and hissed at Ginger. She gave it right back to him. Two days later they ended up trying to play with the same string toy wrapped around a doorway so they couldn’t see each other. They suddenly realized they had been playing together and were inseparable after that. Sam took Ginger from me and raised her, playing with her, grooming and cuddling her constantly. It was adorable. I miss them both. I rescued 2 kittens too near a river. It took them about 2 weeks to get used to being around me. I decided to introduce them to my female cat. At first they would always approach her together and try to make her buzz off her but she would just stare at them 😂 4 days later they became comfortable in each others company and i think my cat now takes care of them as they r her own her. Lovely the way you’ve presented the video and the cats’ environment. I was only sad when Haru was by himself, but I’m sure you visited him often. Very sensitive of your cats’ needs, it’s nice to see and a good example for others 🧡 I was really lucky when introducing my big cat to my then kitten. The big one hadn’t been with me for very long, being recently adopted. It took four days for them to interact directly and with no issue. They did see each other through a gate of sorts for the first few days. Never been any issues between them. While the kitten was still small, my big cat was actually quite protective of her.

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