Epic Cats Hate Falling in Water

Funny cats fall in water by accident and hate it. I love how the first cat wasn’t even frantic trying to get out of the water, he was more like “Damn it! Whatever, I’ll get out.” My cat had a fear of water. One day while strolling by the edge of the pool (shallow end) I gave her a nudge and in she went. Ever since she can’t get enough of the pool, floating on a raft her favorite! Fun fact: the reason cats don’t like water is because they don’t like how heavy their fur feels when it’s wet. Some cats don’t mind that feeling though or they get used to it if you bathe them a lot. Another fun fact: tigers like to swim.Que angustiante ver aquela cena final do gato tentando correr, e lutava para subir no muro, caindo várias vezes na água. Ele estava com medo do ser humano, provavelmente estava invadindo uma casa de um desconhecido. Queria saber o que houve depois! I remember somewhere that cats have an instinct that tells them to get out of the water because there might be crocodiles. So the last one was literally scared to death. The last one also kept falling on the edge and it needs a different family. It’s so funny and cute watching them panic while they are in the water gripping on to something like: ohhh god helppp helppp!,

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