Grieving mama dog adopts kittens after losing her puppies

“Oh these are my children, they meow sometimes, they’re bilingual” My puppies smell wrong and their teeth are too pointy but I’ll have you know they are the most perfect puppies in the world.” That’s one of the strongest dogs I’ve ever seen.

She survived living at a gas station, over came losing her puppies, and beat cancer 👏👏 It’s so precious to see how Georgia was able to overcome her grief and trauma by taking care of kittens that needed a mother figure. ❤️

Also I love the fact that she ended up adopted into the same home as one of her cats. Now these kittens will grow up wanting to play fetch and throwing tantrums when their hoomaans want to leave the dog park.. The sadness of a mother losing her children is universal, any species feel the same feeling, just like a mothers love. I never heard a dog adopt kittens, now that I have, I can’t stop smiling and feeling so happy she got something she lost. May she live her days happily 💕 Just when I’m pretty sure everyone is terrible….someone gives Georgia all the love and I believe in humanity again. ❤️💕❤️ Thanks for being good people! This is awful, every mother feels this pain, the pigs the chickens the cows, the horses, all of it. And she was given the love that she and the kittens needed, aww this is beautiful!!! Thank you for some good to the Manas of our world. Without them, many creatures wouldn’t be here!

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