How a German Shepherd and a Kitten Became Best Friends

Our one year old German Shepherd dog, Beck, was very nervous when we first brought home our ginger kitten, Bleu. It took about a week before Beck figured out all Bleu wanted to do was play, and they’ve been best friends ever since. For the last six months they’ve been play fighting, fight fighting, chasing, and cuddling each other every day. I love how they play together. In a world filled with chaos and violence it is so nice to see something that warms the heart. Beautiful. Adorable! Hey man, I have a German Shepherd and a cat, too. Same thing over here. They make me laugh all the time. God bless you for giving those critters a safe and wonderful forever home! ✌️the love between these two is joyous to view. The gentleness of the dog and the trust of the cat shows such love and fun. Thank you for sharing this paring of these two special pets. That German Sheperd is showing unbelievable restraint. So glad you guys are constantly watching their interactions. That cat is so freaking cute and active! Very cool pair. 😎 You do realize that’s not your cat anymore right? That’s his cat I love how the precious German Shepherd bites so gently and somehow “knows” not to bite normal or play rough. Love is amazing on any level. ❤️ I’ve just stumbled on YouTube gold. This is one of the best animal videos online! Aaw! 😍😍❤❤ I can’t stop smiling. This must be what pure, love looks like between two I love how you guys introduced the new tiny kitten in such a safe and positive way. First through the sturdy carrier and then with little treats. I’m sure it helped lead the way to a precious friendship. You can see how they care for one another.

Especially how they trust each other. No cat would roll on their back baring their belly unless they truly trusted the other animal.

And it’s just amazing how gentle a big dog can be. How they will lay down so they can play easier with the pup or in this case kitten.

You can just tell this Shepard loves his kitten from how worried he looked when his kitten was up the tree.

It was cool how you showed their first introduction to the kitten growing up into a fine cat and a strong friendship between them. creatures.

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