Cat meeting the puppies for the first time.

Floki the cat meeting Marley & Luna for the first. Just a day later they are already playing with each other. I love how cats and dogs immediately recognize a baby no matter the species, and how cautious and then protective the act when they are around them. It’s adorable how they’re each trying to play with the other in their “native language”. With dogs, it’s using your mouth and teeth. With cats, it’s using your paws. Neither one understands why the other isn’t following the script 😀 What a lovely, well-behaved cat. 😍 Seems like he just wants to get a good sniff, but the puppy won’t stay still long enough! 😁 That cat has such a great personality! I love watching full grown cats playing with puppies! It’s like watching a tiger playing with a human. Love how the cat’s paws are being used, but with no claw involvement. Just a soft “thwap thwap” on the puppie’s head, lol. Aww you can really learn the differences here between the hype, energetic and playful dogs and wise and picky cats, each has its own style We adopted my daughters lab when she outgrew their house. We live in the country and she turned out to be a great watchdog. I had taken her outside to do her thing when a little kitty wondered up from nowhere. I watched closely and Flutter (named by my Granddaughter) was curious about the little kitten, not  at all aggressive. The little kitty (Missy), adopted us. She sits on a chair and grooms Flutters ears. They truly love each other and I love to watch them together. 💕 it looks so funny when cats slap things in a playful way.our cat hides and jumps out when my mother is walking by and slaps her legs and runs away like come and get me.i laugh every time haha

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