rottweiler and kitten become friends

I found an abandoned kitten and decided to adopt her. This is the progress with Choko. I wonder who scares who? Rottweiler to kitten “I’m watching you don’t try anything funny.”

Kitten to rot Wilder “I love you.”

Rottweiler “damn.” Awww the kitty just wants to be comforted. Probably misses her mom. I just want to give her hugs and kisses. Hopefully they become good friends. The cat looked so sad :(. But what made this video better is at 0:52 when the dog realises the cat wants to be friends :))) This vid makes me want to scream “put camera down and comfort sweetie kitten now please “.

She’s gorgeous with such sad eyes. Bet she’s got you all wrapped around her little paw nowadays lol Awww, look at the little light hair patch around the kitten’s eye! It’s a Mogwai kitten! How can you NOT love it?! ❤️😍❤️ That was one dangerous experiment. At any moment that kitten could have mauld that dog Tbh I feel so happy that the owner got a kitten for that dog.. because the Rottweiler looked really old and it looked like he/she needed a friend! U could see at the start that the kitten was a bit scared but then it got used to the cute doggie and it just followed him/her around!! The kitten looked like she/he just wanted a hug 😍☺️💕❤️ The dog doesn’t know how to handle the situation. At first it’s like “Jesus Christ, what is that little creature? Get it away from me!” Then it’s “I’m really confused here. What am I gonna do?” Haha 😂 I think its amazing how a big beautiful beast of a dog doesnt naturally just gulp down this little bite sized baby kitty. Kinda cute how he plays with the tiny baby. Lol that little kitten walks up to him and looks at him like “wut iz yew?” 😂 that pup is such a good boy!!! You can tell he’s good natured, he reminds me of my Harvey, big boy but wouldn’t hurt a fly. Rottweiler’s like: “stay back.. I’m supposed to eat you!”… …but this time, the innocent cuteness & ignorant bliss of the kitty charmed the day, and softened the heart….. The precious kitten didn’t seem to be fazed at that big dog. I was so scared for the kittie. But he held his own. Tough guy. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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