Desperate Sick Mother Dog Helps Us to Save her Puppies before Rainstorm

Mama dog is such a gentle soul. Awesome that she helped all her pups get rescued. Praying they all have forever homes today. ❤️ Su Amor es tan grande que les dá una paciencia Infinita!!!

Gracias por este video, es Ejemplar su Labor y su Responsabilidad para curarlos y además conseguirles un hogar maravilloso a cada uno de ellos!

Dios las Bendiga Mucho Angelitas! You saved the lives of 6 helpless beautiful dogs and every day you make the world a better place ! How wonderful the world would be if people had even half the love and dedication that you have to share ❤️🙏🏻 I am in awe of your dedication to this rescue. Sophie is such a gentle girl and her eyes say a lot has happened in her short life. Seems as if she once had a person , however something happened to end that life for her. She was a good mom to her babies and it wore her out. Your kindness saved her and all the puppies 🐾🐾. Thank you again.

P.S. tour dog Mimi is so beautiful and polite🤍 Desde el fondo de mi corazón quiero agradecer por esa labor tan bella 😍 que ustedes hacen. Es tan gratificante saber que hay chicas hermosas como ustedes ❤️ que se preocupan por esos angelitos. Que Dios les de muuuuchaaa salud prosperidad felicidad paz y alegría a sus vidas para que sigan adelante con esa belleza de labor. Desde 🇻🇪❤️ Venezuela con amor verdadero. Thank you for your kindness to Sofie and her family. I am sure they will soon be adopted. A very lovely video. Take care of Sofie, she deserves a very loving home. Such a kind and lovely dog and wonderful mum. Thanks also to your marvelous vet. Hugs & kisses to you all. Greetings from the beautiful Costa Blanca Spain. I was holding my breath until all puppies ( and Mama ) were safe at the vet clinic, and then again until all the puppies recovered from Parvovirus. I pray that all five pups found great homes and are gaining health and strength. I have donated to this woman’s mission – she has a HUGE heart and I send her lots of love 💕! Thank you for standing in the gap for this beautiful mommy and her precious babies. Just knowing that they finally have a chance to have a loving family and a forever home is such a huge blessing. My heart breaks for the other sick puppies that likely succumbed to parvovirus, but know you did everything humanly possible. Gob bless you! Thank you for making this world a nicer place. The sight that etched on my mind was when you were walking with her baby and she was following you while keeping an eye on her baby. 🙂

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