Adorable Howling Dogs Sing To Their Newborn Baby Brother!

Little Nathan sits confused whie this pack of wolves sing joyfully around him howling to their heart’s content. Once you get them going they don’t want to stop singing the song of their tribe. They can get quite loud though so it’s a good job that we don’t have any neighbours anymore. Around this age Amelia started laughing at the dogs when they hoowled or bbarked, she was fascinated with Niko probably because she could see her more clearly being black and white. Natahn is a little patato he feeds really well is such a content little baby and sleeps well now too he’s just perfect. Little Nathan isn’t frightened by the serenade at all. His eyes are so bright, and he is alert. Watching the two of them growing up with the dogs will be a joy!! 👍🐾✨♥👶Nathan sure is growing. Phil was really getting into howling, throwing his head back. What a sweet fluffy boy! It was a nice pack howl…now if you could just get Milo to join in wouldn’t that be something!! 😊😊🐶🐶🐱 I think this is the first time we heard Nathan make some noises on a video, I think he eager to try and learn to talk and before we know it, he’ll be howling along side his furry siblings around 5 a clock because it’s dinner time!! How absolutely Gorgeous is Nathan. He is already used to their howling. You guys have done a great job. I still cannot get over how much Nathan’s little face has filled out. 🐶🇦🇺🐾💗 I don’t really care if your new video gets published tomorrow or in a week. I’m always happy that you make stuff for us to watch and be relaxed a bit. Your baby boy is gorgeous. Love how he just sits quietly next to big brother Phil. My rescue dog has only been here 2 weeks today and she has bagged all of the best places to sit/lay.🤣 What a sweet little pie is sitting on the couch? Oh, baby Nathan, you’re so cute!💕 Your smile is adorable and great joy for your mummy. I’m immediately emotional and touched in my heart to see Nathan sitting up on his own and enjoying the dogs’ song! What a big boy he is! ❤😊 Look at grandpa Phil and his sweater so handsome. Nathan is looking around wondering what is the big deal about?! 😮😊❤ Omg! The look on Nathan’s face was priceless! Not even afraid , one bit! . Phil I think was the loudest. Aww bless Phil, he is so cute. I can’t believe how much Nathan has grown so much! :)🥰🥰🥰🥰

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