Jealous Chihuahua Will Do Anything for His Dad’s Attention.

Aww, Porter….he loves his Dad, and he’s going to take someone’s eye out with that whip-lash tail 😘Porter the chihuahua didn’t like Charlie cat getting all the attention, so he jumps up on the counter. So cute. The puppies always wag their tail to indicate good intentions. The cat realizes that they’re toddlers ♥️♥️♥️ The pups are so adorable. Always cuteness overload 🥰❤❤👍 At first, Dora is skeptical and reserved. “Don’t touch me” 😏Enjoy new funniest and cutest video of the Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies [Dora sees them for the First Time]! That is a well behaved and patient cat… I think the cat knows that these are not threatening animals and displays the appropriate amount of caution and acceptance. Kudos to the puppies for also seemingly exercising a bit of restraint as well 🙂 Why do we feel calmer and gentler when we interact with our pets? Not only are they adorable to look at, but their healing effects have been scientifically proven! If you look at your brain when you are in contact with your pet, you will see that a substance called oxytocin is being secreted rapidly. This oxytocin has a healing effect on the brain. Oxytocin regulates the autonomic nervous system, heals brain fatigue, and stabilizes the mood. So it’s true that spending time with your pet can heal you!😻🐕🐶😘😍🥰

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