Priceless Shelter Dogs’ Reactions To Being Adopted

It simultaneously warms my heart as well as angers me to no end to see these deserving puppers SO excited on adoption day, along with no way to understand how people could treat another living being (especially one so emotionally vulnerable and eager to please) so poorly!It’s absolutely devastating to see the fear and sadness in the puppy mills dogs eyes, but so wonderful to see their transformations and joy when they realize that they are loved! 🐶❤️GOD BLESS THE GENTLEMEN THATS WORKS THERE WITH THESE FURBABIES AND GOD BLESS THE FURBABIES GOD WATCHING AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED XOXO AMENThank you guys, for rescuing and caring, for these fur babies. Just AMAZING. Also, the kind staff, who was patting these dog’s, lovingly. Every dog, needs love and respect. Let’s all have more love and compassion, towards them.To all, who adopted them, you are really blessMy rescue baby went bat crap crazy when I picked her up! She was beyond elated to get out of that place, and spent over a month trying to give me “kisses” 24/7 for rescuing her.ed.

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