The funniest animals / Fun with cats and dogs 2023 / LA #130

Our pets are what give us the motivation to stay alive in this challenging time! 😻😭 Never fails! Everytime I need a pick me up, cats dogs deliver! Animals are so funny! Just love ’em to prices for all they do for us! ❤️ Can’t believe I caught this sweet moment between our dog and baby on camera. Our dog Haru loves to protect her human newborn baby, but today she showed that she really loves her in the sweetest moment between a baby and a dog. Watch today’s video to see how our loyal dog protects her human baby sister and shows that she loves her! Just when I thought I couldn’t love Haru any more than I do now…so sweet and I love Sienna’s headgear! She’s a little fashionista 🙂👍♥️Those of us who’ve been watching for awhile, I think we’ve all known there’s something super sweet and precious about Haru. Sienna is looking a lot like her dad. Love this Potato Ohana. May our amazing Father God continue to keep you all blessed. Those of us who’ve been watching for awhile, I think we’ve all known there’s something super sweet and precious about Haru. Sienna is looking a lot like her dad. Love this Potato Ohana. May our amazing Father God continue to keep you all blessed. Dog’s are much smarter than most give them credit for and definitely have alot of the same emotion’s their owners do. Goes way beyond just being a “pet” and I think it’s awesome how much Griffin and Haru love their lil baby sister and gaurantee they’ll always keep a eye on her and keep her safe, plus probably stay pretty close when she’s older and it’s snack time

Desperate Sick Mother Dog Helps Us to Save her Puppies before Rainstorm

Mama dog is such a gentle soul. Awesome that she helped all her pups get rescued. Praying they all have forever homes today. ❤️ Su Amor es tan grande que les dá una paciencia Infinita!!!

Gracias por este video, es Ejemplar su Labor y su Responsabilidad para curarlos y además conseguirles un hogar maravilloso a cada uno de ellos!

Dios las Bendiga Mucho Angelitas! You saved the lives of 6 helpless beautiful dogs and every day you make the world a better place ! How wonderful the world would be if people had even half the love and dedication that you have to share ❤️🙏🏻 I am in awe of your dedication to this rescue. Sophie is such a gentle girl and her eyes say a lot has happened in her short life. Seems as if she once had a person , however something happened to end that life for her. She was a good mom to her babies and it wore her out. Your kindness saved her and all the puppies 🐾🐾. Thank you again.

P.S. tour dog Mimi is so beautiful and polite🤍 Desde el fondo de mi corazón quiero agradecer por esa labor tan bella 😍 que ustedes hacen. Es tan gratificante saber que hay chicas hermosas como ustedes ❤️ que se preocupan por esos angelitos. Que Dios les de muuuuchaaa salud prosperidad felicidad paz y alegría a sus vidas para que sigan adelante con esa belleza de labor. Desde 🇻🇪❤️ Venezuela con amor verdadero. Thank you for your kindness to Sofie and her family. I am sure they will soon be adopted. A very lovely video. Take care of Sofie, she deserves a very loving home. Such a kind and lovely dog and wonderful mum. Thanks also to your marvelous vet. Hugs & kisses to you all. Greetings from the beautiful Costa Blanca Spain. I was holding my breath until all puppies ( and Mama ) were safe at the vet clinic, and then again until all the puppies recovered from Parvovirus. I pray that all five pups found great homes and are gaining health and strength. I have donated to this woman’s mission – she has a HUGE heart and I send her lots of love 💕! Thank you for standing in the gap for this beautiful mommy and her precious babies. Just knowing that they finally have a chance to have a loving family and a forever home is such a huge blessing. My heart breaks for the other sick puppies that likely succumbed to parvovirus, but know you did everything humanly possible. Gob bless you! Thank you for making this world a nicer place. The sight that etched on my mind was when you were walking with her baby and she was following you while keeping an eye on her baby. 🙂

Cat meeting the puppies for the first time.

Floki the cat meeting Marley & Luna for the first. Just a day later they are already playing with each other. I love how cats and dogs immediately recognize a baby no matter the species, and how cautious and then protective the act when they are around them. It’s adorable how they’re each trying to play with the other in their “native language”. With dogs, it’s using your mouth and teeth. With cats, it’s using your paws. Neither one understands why the other isn’t following the script 😀 What a lovely, well-behaved cat. 😍 Seems like he just wants to get a good sniff, but the puppy won’t stay still long enough! 😁 That cat has such a great personality! I love watching full grown cats playing with puppies! It’s like watching a tiger playing with a human. Love how the cat’s paws are being used, but with no claw involvement. Just a soft “thwap thwap” on the puppie’s head, lol. Aww you can really learn the differences here between the hype, energetic and playful dogs and wise and picky cats, each has its own style We adopted my daughters lab when she outgrew their house. We live in the country and she turned out to be a great watchdog. I had taken her outside to do her thing when a little kitty wondered up from nowhere. I watched closely and Flutter (named by my Granddaughter) was curious about the little kitten, not  at all aggressive. The little kitty (Missy), adopted us. She sits on a chair and grooms Flutters ears. They truly love each other and I love to watch them together. 💕 it looks so funny when cats slap things in a playful way.our cat hides and jumps out when my mother is walking by and slaps her legs and runs away like come and get me.i laugh every time haha

rottweiler and kitten become friends

I found an abandoned kitten and decided to adopt her. This is the progress with Choko. I wonder who scares who? Rottweiler to kitten “I’m watching you don’t try anything funny.”

Kitten to rot Wilder “I love you.”

Rottweiler “damn.” Awww the kitty just wants to be comforted. Probably misses her mom. I just want to give her hugs and kisses. Hopefully they become good friends. The cat looked so sad :(. But what made this video better is at 0:52 when the dog realises the cat wants to be friends :))) This vid makes me want to scream “put camera down and comfort sweetie kitten now please “.

She’s gorgeous with such sad eyes. Bet she’s got you all wrapped around her little paw nowadays lol Awww, look at the little light hair patch around the kitten’s eye! It’s a Mogwai kitten! How can you NOT love it?! ❤️😍❤️ That was one dangerous experiment. At any moment that kitten could have mauld that dog Tbh I feel so happy that the owner got a kitten for that dog.. because the Rottweiler looked really old and it looked like he/she needed a friend! U could see at the start that the kitten was a bit scared but then it got used to the cute doggie and it just followed him/her around!! The kitten looked like she/he just wanted a hug 😍☺️💕❤️ The dog doesn’t know how to handle the situation. At first it’s like “Jesus Christ, what is that little creature? Get it away from me!” Then it’s “I’m really confused here. What am I gonna do?” Haha 😂 I think its amazing how a big beautiful beast of a dog doesnt naturally just gulp down this little bite sized baby kitty. Kinda cute how he plays with the tiny baby. Lol that little kitten walks up to him and looks at him like “wut iz yew?” 😂 that pup is such a good boy!!! You can tell he’s good natured, he reminds me of my Harvey, big boy but wouldn’t hurt a fly. Rottweiler’s like: “stay back.. I’m supposed to eat you!”… …but this time, the innocent cuteness & ignorant bliss of the kitty charmed the day, and softened the heart….. The precious kitten didn’t seem to be fazed at that big dog. I was so scared for the kittie. But he held his own. Tough guy. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Ginger kitten’s first meeting with the cat🐈 Will she feed him or not?

After our little ginger kitten got to know the smaller members of the feline family, it was time to get to know mama cat. He smelled foreign, so the cat was apprehensive and took it aggressively. Joanna started growling and hissing at him. After a while, when it was time to feed the kittens, the cat lay down near the kittens. When the ginger kitten came to eat as well, she was greatly surprised and stepped aside a bit. But since the kitten was hungry, it kept up with her. This broke my heart. Just seeing him not being accepted by the mom cat or the sibling and seeing him shaking with fear has me in tears. You can literally see the hurt in his face. This was a little painful to watch, but knowing Joanna’s maternal instincts took over finally…. she probably smelled the other mom cat. Sweet orange boy just needed love❣🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❤ The little one looked so confused and scared. He probably thought that his mama didn’t want him but didn’t know why. My heart was hurting for him Aww that’s so sad he’s even in that position that says “I’m alone and scared and hungry too. I want to curl up with the other kittens for warmth but they’ve abandoned me.” This house has so many pretty details ! Love the Disney princess display! And that pretty butterfly item, so lovely! So many toys for the kitties to play with ! They are a lucky, beautiful lot! Such beauty in these darling videos! 🥰🌞🌻🌹💐😍🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😇😻🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 You have stronger nerves than me. That was heartwrenching to even watch. I know Mama will accept in time but little Ginger looks so lost and sad.

The little soul abandoned by the roadside almost died of cold and a miracle happened to the boy

You can tell how happy she was to have good food and a bath. She’ll sleep so good now that she’s clean with a full tummy. ♥️🙂 Amor incondicional es lo que recibirás por parte de ella. Gracias por haberla ayudado, un ángel que salvó a otro ángel más pequeñito e indefenso. Dios te bendiga amigo. 🥰🐱🐈🐈‍⬛🥰 I can’t thank you enough for saving this little innocent life. You’re a hero to all of us who love our dear fur babies! ❤️👍🙏😍😻 May God Bless You and this tiny sweet life! ❤️ You…Sir, I have a lot of respect for you. You saved the poor little kitty that desperately needed your love and care. My heart aches when I saw the poor thing suffering all alone on the street. We need more compassionate humans like you. Thank you for radiating your love and kindness into this world!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ God bless you. You sure have a beautiful soul for saving this beautiful furbaby, she will Love 💘 you forever. I can’t say thank you enough, but THANK YOU.. You were so gentle and loving with this desperate “baby”!  Thank you.  I couldn’t help but think that is anything happens to me, I would love to have someone like you adopt and love my “babies” who are all rescues (even though they behave like royalty. (LOL).  THANK YOU.   💝 Bless you for your kindness. I love kittens so much. This kitten is too young to eat dried food. It needs soft kitten food. It’s a beautiful baby. I have 3 kittens in the house now and also 4 adult cats. They are all precious.

How a German Shepherd and a Kitten Became Best Friends

Our one year old German Shepherd dog, Beck, was very nervous when we first brought home our ginger kitten, Bleu. It took about a week before Beck figured out all Bleu wanted to do was play, and they’ve been best friends ever since. For the last six months they’ve been play fighting, fight fighting, chasing, and cuddling each other every day. I love how they play together. In a world filled with chaos and violence it is so nice to see something that warms the heart. Beautiful. Adorable! Hey man, I have a German Shepherd and a cat, too. Same thing over here. They make me laugh all the time. God bless you for giving those critters a safe and wonderful forever home! ✌️the love between these two is joyous to view. The gentleness of the dog and the trust of the cat shows such love and fun. Thank you for sharing this paring of these two special pets. That German Sheperd is showing unbelievable restraint. So glad you guys are constantly watching their interactions. That cat is so freaking cute and active! Very cool pair. 😎 You do realize that’s not your cat anymore right? That’s his cat I love how the precious German Shepherd bites so gently and somehow “knows” not to bite normal or play rough. Love is amazing on any level. ❤️ I’ve just stumbled on YouTube gold. This is one of the best animal videos online! Aaw! 😍😍❤❤ I can’t stop smiling. This must be what pure, love looks like between two I love how you guys introduced the new tiny kitten in such a safe and positive way. First through the sturdy carrier and then with little treats. I’m sure it helped lead the way to a precious friendship. You can see how they care for one another.

Especially how they trust each other. No cat would roll on their back baring their belly unless they truly trusted the other animal.

And it’s just amazing how gentle a big dog can be. How they will lay down so they can play easier with the pup or in this case kitten.

You can just tell this Shepard loves his kitten from how worried he looked when his kitten was up the tree.

It was cool how you showed their first introduction to the kitten growing up into a fine cat and a strong friendship between them. creatures.

Grieving mama dog adopts kittens after losing her puppies

“Oh these are my children, they meow sometimes, they’re bilingual” My puppies smell wrong and their teeth are too pointy but I’ll have you know they are the most perfect puppies in the world.” That’s one of the strongest dogs I’ve ever seen.

She survived living at a gas station, over came losing her puppies, and beat cancer 👏👏 It’s so precious to see how Georgia was able to overcome her grief and trauma by taking care of kittens that needed a mother figure. ❤️

Also I love the fact that she ended up adopted into the same home as one of her cats. Now these kittens will grow up wanting to play fetch and throwing tantrums when their hoomaans want to leave the dog park.. The sadness of a mother losing her children is universal, any species feel the same feeling, just like a mothers love. I never heard a dog adopt kittens, now that I have, I can’t stop smiling and feeling so happy she got something she lost. May she live her days happily 💕 Just when I’m pretty sure everyone is terrible….someone gives Georgia all the love and I believe in humanity again. ❤️💕❤️ Thanks for being good people! This is awful, every mother feels this pain, the pigs the chickens the cows, the horses, all of it. And she was given the love that she and the kittens needed, aww this is beautiful!!! Thank you for some good to the Manas of our world. Without them, many creatures wouldn’t be here!

Epic Cats Hate Falling in Water

Funny cats fall in water by accident and hate it. I love how the first cat wasn’t even frantic trying to get out of the water, he was more like “Damn it! Whatever, I’ll get out.” My cat had a fear of water. One day while strolling by the edge of the pool (shallow end) I gave her a nudge and in she went. Ever since she can’t get enough of the pool, floating on a raft her favorite! Fun fact: the reason cats don’t like water is because they don’t like how heavy their fur feels when it’s wet. Some cats don’t mind that feeling though or they get used to it if you bathe them a lot. Another fun fact: tigers like to swim.Que angustiante ver aquela cena final do gato tentando correr, e lutava para subir no muro, caindo várias vezes na água. Ele estava com medo do ser humano, provavelmente estava invadindo uma casa de um desconhecido. Queria saber o que houve depois! I remember somewhere that cats have an instinct that tells them to get out of the water because there might be crocodiles. So the last one was literally scared to death. The last one also kept falling on the edge and it needs a different family. It’s so funny and cute watching them panic while they are in the water gripping on to something like: ohhh god helppp helppp!,

Introducing a Rescued Kitten to the Big Cats for the First Time

It’s so cute how Yuni just hit the wall above Haru after he tried to swipe at her. It might have just been a miss but I think that was Yuni’s way of telling Haru to humble himself without hurting him since she knows she’s way bigger than him 😂💕 So good to see Yuni and Soni again! Big cats always act funny to babies because they’re afraid the mother cat will attack to protect their baby. When they figure out he is on his own, I know they will come to love Haru very much!! 😻🌈🥰❤️😍 Awww…The resourcefulness of young people. While Yuni and Soni try to get acquainted with the baby cat by gently moving around the room, little Haru explores everything and he seems to be already familiar with the objects of the house and he’s not afraid of Yuni 🏠😻💖😻💖🐈❤️🥰 🍀🐾 Years ago I adopted a kitten (Ginger) that was just like that with my older cat (Sam). When I introduced them, Sam arched his back and hissed at Ginger. She gave it right back to him. Two days later they ended up trying to play with the same string toy wrapped around a doorway so they couldn’t see each other. They suddenly realized they had been playing together and were inseparable after that. Sam took Ginger from me and raised her, playing with her, grooming and cuddling her constantly. It was adorable. I miss them both. I rescued 2 kittens too near a river. It took them about 2 weeks to get used to being around me. I decided to introduce them to my female cat. At first they would always approach her together and try to make her buzz off her but she would just stare at them 😂 4 days later they became comfortable in each others company and i think my cat now takes care of them as they r her own her. Lovely the way you’ve presented the video and the cats’ environment. I was only sad when Haru was by himself, but I’m sure you visited him often. Very sensitive of your cats’ needs, it’s nice to see and a good example for others 🧡 I was really lucky when introducing my big cat to my then kitten. The big one hadn’t been with me for very long, being recently adopted. It took four days for them to interact directly and with no issue. They did see each other through a gate of sorts for the first few days. Never been any issues between them. While the kitten was still small, my big cat was actually quite protective of her.