Dog vs Crocodile: Funny Golden Retriever Puppy Bailey

I wished every dog owner would be so loving and caring to their dog like you do. Bailey must be the happiest dog around. 🙂 Lol! Bailey thinks every animal is harmless like him who is very friendly & loving.. he’s not intimidated at all, be it snake or crocodile 😂😂😂, so innocent and cute🤣 He is so noble, and so sweet. And when he is really baffled by the prank, he gets to work! Fighting toys, large boxes, stuffed animals, or big dishes of never ends. Go Bailey!!! Lol! Bailey thinks every animal is harmless like him who is very friendly & loving.. he’s not intimidated at all, be it snake or crocodile 😂😂😂, so innocent and cute🤣

Funniest animals / Fun with cats and dogs 2022 / LA #25

Love the dog carrying himself by his tail down the driveway😂😂😂 Замечательная подборка, самые лучшие друзья человека. Любят и всегда ждут тех кто их любит. Спасибо, лайк Thank you for these great moments. Amazing, but I watch many ‘funny animal’ videos and still see original content. Our pets are very creative. Loved the raccoons. Lived on Cape Breton which was not supposed to have raccoons – the causeway being the ultimate barrier to animal crossings! LOL! One Saturday night, working as a deskclerk at an inn, one of the owners slipped out the kitchen door to put the wafers for the next day’s communion in his car. He was interrupted when his wife who called him to the phone. Next thing the cook looks out & half a dozen raccoons are making off with the sacrament! They had been placed on a tray on the good of his Ford. Thank You For Lightening My Mood! It’s So Needed In This Dark Times Of Coronavirus And Chaos! I Love Animals! I Love Nature! Let’s Love Them Together! Greets From Russia! Vote! Don’t feed Rudolph salty stuff ! He’ll get thirsty. Then drunk on Santa’s egg nog….🥃🥃🥃🦌 Drunk flying reindeer is a big NO NO !!! 🤣 Love from Norway 💖




Alaskan Malamute Protecs Baby With Her Life! (Cutest Ever!!)

Niko adores babies and when her new member of the pack arrived she’s been forever by his side following and guarding. Nathan isn’t quite sure what to make of the fluffy ones yetbut he soons perks up when they start singing. I think Milo is his bestie at the moment as they snuggle together everywhere he goes. Niko sure has a thing for being in charge though, check her out when she has to pass Milo on the stairs, she’s not having any of the showdown and has to remind him who is boss! Niko would protect any of us but especially her little skin puppies haha. Funnily Niko is the one you would watch out for if we ever came into danger! She’d definitely be first to stop the trouble. Mama Niko is so photogenic!! She just looks straight at your camera (at us) with those sweet round eyes!! She’s such a sweet girl!! Ah-woooo!!! ❤️😍 Love how Niko demands respect from Milo. There was plenty of room for her to go downstairs but she made Milo move first by growling. If this was Phil he would have walked down the stairs through that gap on the left without giving Milo a seconds thought as he considers Milo his dear friend and isn’t interested in status dynamics. I just love all the different personalities of your dogs and Milo of course. It so wonderful to watch. Adorable 🥰 all around… Beautiful baby… Beautiful pup… Thank you for letting her know she is still very much loved… even with the arrival of your new bundle of joy !! 2:29 ❤

Mama Dog Reunited with her Stolen Puppies… She is Crying from Happiness

February 24 our country woke up to flying rockets and explosions! The governmental authorities of the Russian Federation started a full-scale war against our country… So many families leave the country and their pets are just left behind on the streets We don’t leave the country, we continue to feed stray dogs and rescue as many animals as we can Please pray for Ukraine, please pray for us and our Furry Friends to be safe Brought tears to my eyes watching how happy they all were to be together again. Why don’t people realize animals have feelings too? People are so cruel. God bless this family who cared for and saved this beautiful family The moment she realized those pups were her babies made me start crying 😭😭😭 They were sooo happy to see Mama. This is a beautiful moment! Wow! This story made me cry. What a miracle that you found these puppies and cared enough to help them. You can tell the mother loved and missed them. For every cruel act there is a balancing of the scale with love and compassion. Bless you all for the important work you’re doing. Anyone who hates animals to such an extent as to completely separate a mother dog from her children, is someone you should never trust. Hats off to these people for rescuing them and reviving the powerful bond between a mother and her children. You guys deserve endless support and love from everyone. Thank you for making this world a better place.

Rescued Kitten Chooses a Dog As Her Mom And They Heal Each Other

The tiny gray kitten was rescued by an animal rescue group and taken to a shelter. Kitten’s hind legs were crooked, which turned out to be a birth defect. But in spite of this the kitten is full of energy. Happy kitty .Happy dоg.What a great home.What a gift to have them 2.Thank you for putting them together!!!!! I hope those two get adopted together with how close they are. Not doing so would be a crime. I pray someone opens up there heartvand home to this two …..they bonded in their journey together and probably gave each other strength 💪 ❤ 💗 💖 💓 💕 💪 ❤ That picture at 0:50, with the Purl and Cinder looking at each other is precious ❣ And at 1:23 – just makes my heart melt. When they go up for adoption, they should go together. Just show any potential homes those two pictures, and they’ll understand 💞💕💗 How precious 💞 and adorable 🥰 God bless you and keep you safe and meet your every need Peggy Lynn Smith from Corbin Kentucky thank you this story is so sweet and full of goodness please God let them get adopted together they are precious

Adorable Baby Girl Saves Cat From Golden Retriever Puppy! Milo Is A Menace!

Amelia loves her cat and she won’t stand by and watch as Buddy the golden retriever harasses him! Milo can hold his own and throws some punches at the hairy foe but he relishes being saved by his golden haired princess haha! Buddy like most dogs can be a bit silly when it comes to playing witth cats, they love the chase and as the old saying goes ‘its all fun and games until someone loses an eye!’ Our dogs are so gentle and Milo loves the interaction. As a mainecoon they are known to be great with dogs and they love the play. Amelia scurries over to save Milo while being chased by Buddy, luckily we have such a big area she can play to her heart’s content inside as the weather is terrible here 70% of the year! Milo is a big furry baby, he’s enjoying all the baby’s items. I’m always seeing him in the bouncer, stroller even the baby bassinet, so funny 🤣 (lol) hugs from the states 🇱🇷 ♥️ Get well Amelia. 🤗 Aww, Mia is feeling poorly, but there are still good signs of energy playing with Buddy. Milo is doing what Milo does, taking over all baby sized equipment for himself,lol. Thanks for sharing. Buddy is so clever switching directions midway in the game. Grumpy old Milo , he just wants to be left alone to sleep. lol. Poor Amelia, the cough is just annoying you. It’s hard to get rid of this time of year. (I sympathise, I was the very same), bless you, princess 👸 ❤️ I just love you, Amelia and Buddy, playing together. ❤️💙❤️💙

Giant Malamute Dog Cries When Reunited With Family! Happiest Dog Ever! (New Year Surprise!!)

She’s back!! Phils favourite person in the whole wide world Shane’s younger sister Harley came to be reunited with her bestie! Harley lived with us for a while after she finished uni and created such a special bond with her bestie Phil the malamute dog. She’s not ashamed to say she has a favourite dog and she is clearly Phil’s favourite person! He is such an emotional dog he wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to cry and show his emaotions. Have you ever seen such a whirlwind rollercoaster of emotions, wailing crying, wagging tail, kisses howling and barking! He truly is a girll’s best friend! Happy new year to you all, we wish you, rour family and friends happiness health and prosperity for 2023❤️ Comments are flooded with questions on Phils fur, for any new watchers firstly please subscribe 😊 and secondly Phil is an older dog, he has alopecia which is why he has so many missing fur patches it’s not treatable but purely cosmetic (he also has cushings disease and arthritis but they are fully treatable although life long) ❤ Wow that has to be the loudest I’ve ever heard Philly “Bear” cry. I literally had to lower the volume because I was afraid it would wake up my neighbors. I mean is there anything better then the way he truly loves Harley. I think we all need someone like Phil in our lives who would love us like that!! Thank you for sharing your lives with us, 2022 was a fabulous year and I can’t wait to see what you’ll be sharing with us in 2023 Happy New Year to the greatest two legged and four legged family ever!! 😘👱‍♂️👩👧👶🐶🐶🐶🐶😺💖🥰🍾🥂 It’s a Sunday and the first day of the New Year. Couldn’t be more perfect than by waking up to a new video dedicated to PHIL ❤️, our spirit animal ❤️❤️

THE CUTEST German Shepherd Puppies Ever!!

I was having such a rough day at work. I’m an “essential worker” so I will admit there are days I am burned out dealing with patients and staff. Until I logged on here; I feel much better now!!! Puppies make everything better, especially German Shepherds. Thank you for sharing this video with us; your videos always put such a smile on my face These puppies are adorable! I Love my german shepherds. When their puppies they are so cute, and when they grow up they are so handsome!🐶❤ Hard to believe it’s been two years since this video was posted. Sometimes I wonder where these guys are now. I hope they all found good homes where they will be happy and loved. I saw a woman at the park about 5 years ago that had a German Shepherd puppy. I got to play with it for a couple minutes while talking to her, coolest little dog in the world. Oh, how I wish I could give a home to one of those girl pups! My birthday is mid-September, and it would be the best gift ever. But I live pretty far away in the New England area, and sadly we cannot have dogs where we live. Plus, I’m not really ready and properly prepared to take in a German Shepherd puppy yet. Hopefully in a year or two 🙂 You have both the best life and the best job in the world More importantly ALL the puppies, no matter the breed love u unconditionally. We should all have thus level of happiness in our lives!😅🎇

German Shepherd Puppy Reaction to Me Crying

Rocky said, “I don’t know what’s upsetting you, but it can’t be all that bad. I checked both your legs over and you’re not hurt or bleeding. But don’t worry. Whatever it is, I’ll stay right here on the couch with you for moral support. It’ll be okay. We’ll get through this thing together.” German I love this. The reason he begins sniffing your legs and crotch area is because he’s checking your health. He’s trying to determine if you’re in physical pain Rocky was concerned at the beginning but then realized he was being tricked so he retreated to the corner, basically ‘saying’ “I’m not having any of this” … LOL .. .Smart dog At first, Rocky was very concerned and I think he feels the emotions are not too deep, so he goes resting and says, I will wait till he is done!