Orphan Kitten Screams As Hard As He Can To Get Attention And Be Adopted

One day IndyHumane brought an orphaned ginger kitten to the animal welfare organization. At first he hissed, scared, and tried to hide under anything he could. After petting and feeding him a few times, the kitten began to change.Butterball is the most adorable little ginger kitten in the world 😻😻🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ God bless you angels for saving this precious angel 🙏🙏🖤🖤A baby, and already a full set of kitty-teeth?! My, my, this little guy’s already a lion in the making! Also, how can anyone NOT melt hearing his little, but loong mews? Had I not had a cat (living in an apartment which prohibits more than one housepet), I would have adopted this little gingerbread kitten. Absolutely precious spread of a butterball, indeed.Such a beautiful kitten. Fell in love with cutie pie. So happy he was adopted and will have a great home. Bless people who helped and adopted him.💯💯🥰🥰😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺❤️❤️💖💕💕him.💯💯🥰🥰😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺❤️❤️💖💕💕When one of my cats were a kitten she would sit by my feet and meow loudly. Shadowing me constantly, it was adorable.Butterball, with that meow and purr-sonality, will have a forever home soon 💖Butterball reminds me so much of a kitten – one of six – that we fostered. He’d look at us and give those long meows.  Not afraid of anything. NOTHING would stop him if he wanted to do it.We named him Rambo 💖 And kept him and his twin sister Gracie. Yeah – Foster Failures.Such a beautiful kitten. Fell in love with cutie pie. So happy he was adopted and will have a great home. Bless people who helped and adopted him.💯💯🥰🥰😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺❤️❤️💖💕💕

Most Emotional Dogs Reunions with Their Owners That Will Melt Your Heart ❤️Best of video 2023

Maybe dogs can’t tell us what makes them truly happy, but their actions give us the answer. These meaningful reunion moments can truly melt your heart. Enjoy!I’m sat here watching this crying my eyes out, as I had my best friend my beloved cat dye in my arms yesterday, I know she wasn’t a dog but she used to be the exact same if I’d been out ,she’d jump in my arms ,curling around my neck until she settled ,pets are so loyal they really are .Rest in peace my sweet girl.Dogs are so full of love . It doesn’t matter if you are gone 5 min or 5 months they are always so happy to see you and want to show you their love. I swear our dogs knew when it was about time for my husband to come home from work and could hear his truck coming down the street. Sadly, we lost our last dog a couple days before Thanksgiving 2022. Just shy of his 17th birthday and to the end he just wanted to be where ever we were,Dogs are so loyal, they never leave your side, they guard you, they make you so happy, they love you so much…It’s so hard when you have to put an old dog down, tears your heart out !  💕🌺All of us who have our beloved dogs know what it means for them and not only that, a reunion with their owners, yes, it is unconditional love and joy.💕🐶🐕Animals are better than many of the people walking the earth today. Their love is genuine. Thanks for posting. The video made me smile.

Stray Cat Sneaks Into The Zoo Looking For Food, But Finds An Unusual Friend

Hungry stray cat sneaks into the zoo in search of food and warmth. The cat ventured into the bobcat’s cage and, in the end, got much more than she bargained for. The cat got not only food and a home, but also a new best friend.What a lucky kitty, finding not only food, but a great friend and I imagine great health care from the Zoo’s vet’s. And the stray cat made out pretty good also (lol).With so many sad stories regarding strays and lost animals it’s nice to see a happy story too. The two of them grooming each other is a sure sign of comradery and friendship.They were meant to find one another. They are soulmates and best friends. Love changes everything! Thank you for sharing this wonderful video.! 😹😻💞That’s actually an incredibly sweet story. I don’t know much about bobcats, but I suspect they can be very territorial, as most cats are. So, the fact that it wasn’t aggressive towards the kitty is surprising in itself. I guess it felt really lonely before. I’m glad the zoo kept them together. I’m sure they were surprised when they found them together.I told myself I wouldn’t cry. I don’t know why stuff like this just gets to me so much. I guess it’s the feeling of hope and love it brings.Great story,Iam glad the zoo kept her.There are so many strays out there that need help,I wish there were more people out there to help them.This is a wonderful story. Both were in need. They found these needs met by finding each other. I hope they are allowed to be together forever. ❤I get shit from buddies about my love for cats..but I look at them the same way I do a dog..they’re both beautiful animals and this story just melted me.that bobcat could have had a meal but needed a friend more❤OH MY GOSH! This is the CUTEST thing EVER! THEY LOVE each other, ABSOLUELY!!! I LOVE this! SOOO HAPPY the zoo kept this calico kitty FRIEND of this SWEET LOVING bobcat! SHARING THIS FOR SURE! LOVELY!!!I had to re-watch this. This is adorable. Bestest Buddies. Who said Lynxes were solitary creatures. Just shows the species isn’t so stereotypical.What an amazing story. I thought Bobcats were solitary so this really is incredible. The Zoo did a fantastic job keeping them together and giving that fur baby a forever home.


The collar is gone – nice! – and she looks well-fed. The cubs are the cutest things to ever have walked these woods, but then I’m kind of biased. Being that it’s her first litter I tried my best not to spook her or the little ones. She seemed pretty comfortable with the proximity so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing her again soon.My God, you are a lucky fellow. This was so crazy to see. If you’ve never seen a mother bear in the wild or know how absolutely insane they go to protect their cubs you won’t know how much of a downright blessing this wasConsidering how mother bears are the most overprotective parents in the animal kingdom, the fact that Simone trusts you enough with her babies speaks volumes.She looks so proud to introduce you to her little ones. The trust she has is unbelievable. The term “momma bear” is for a reason. It amazes me that she is just so chill with you.So sweet! And when they’re approaching the house it looks like she’s telling them to behave. “Now listen, we’re going to see my hooman friend, behave & don’t embarrass me” Thanks for sharing!The level of trust involved here is quite literally a once in a lifetime experience. I don’t think most people truly understand the level of pure aggression female bears are willing to exert on anyone and anything when their cubs are around. I almost can’t believe this happened that’s how crazy it is I love that hesitation at the very beginning, where she’s finally got both of them and it looks like she’s telling them, “Now remember, we’re GUESTS at Patrick’s house, so be on your best behavior or no Taco Bell on the way home.”Patrick thank you for sharing this with us all. This video really uplifted my tired heart. Thank you for putting a smile on my face ❤ Merry ChristmasOh my! Mama bear is beautiful and her babies are soooo precious! They must be newly born right? They’re so tiny! I once had a mama and two cubs in my yard- the cubs were much bigger than this – and the cubs got scared by a car and went up the big Blue Spruce. Mama stayed at the bottom of the tree aaaall day long until the babies finally came down after dark!That’s so special that she’s bringing her babies to show you 💕 what a proud mama bear 🐻 and rightfully so. She obviously feels very safe, and even affectionate to you. That’s really special ❤I am completely AMAZED!! You are so very blessed & lucky. You guy’s developing an atmosphere, relationship & trust with this 🐻 is INCREDIBLE!!! The fact she brought her adorable, sweet & beautiful babies to show you. To share that experience is breath taking. 😂 I think I would have passed out from the excitement & fear.

Moment a Stray Kitten Realizes That He Going To His Forever Home

This man saved a tiny kitten. This is the moment when he brought him into his car and held him in his arms. Just look at that face! That’s loveeee …It’s so nice to see Kaya smiling. A beautiful video of a happy catman. 💞 Thank you for giving this beautiful kitty a forever and lovely home. 😘Kaya is beautiful and thankful for all the love and compassion ❤ from his new parents. Animal rescuers are my heroes.Thank youheroes.ThankThink of the sheer strength it took for that wee kitten to walk up to his huge giant and expect help. He looks adorable, well done guys.Reminds me of my cat named Mouse. A lady knocked on our door saying she found a kitten wandering the side of the road by our house. We said she wasn’t ours but that we’d be happy to take her in. She lived a good 15 year life before kidney failure took her from us. It’s been almost three years but I still think about her every single day. I still wonder what her origin story was and what her journey was like as she made her way to us.Oh, man, this sweet kitty got to me! What a darling baby! I love how he looks at his Daddy with such love. Long life together, you guys! Stay happy and healthy. 😺Absolutely beautiful ❤️ thank you kind human for this rescue and giving this sweet creature a forever home full of love which you will get back from her all the years to come.Until you own a cat from kitten to adult, you will never understand what it’s like to have a cat. They are by far the best pets I’ve ever owned. I’m 52 and have 4 cats now, and I didn’t even like cats up until 2 years ago, amazing how they can change your life and make your bad days good, sweet animals.The best cats I’ve had have started their lives as feral. But the best was a feral long-haired kitten I found in the woods! We were together 15 unforgettable years! When I cross over into the great beyond, I hope he is there waiting!!Reminds me of when my dad and his wife brought me my buddy home from my step sister. I decided to let him choose when to come to me. That night he was sleeping on my pillow. We had an instant connection from Day 1. 9 years later nothing has changed except he takes up a lot more space now and I have to move to accommodate him but yeah enjoy it. Cats are truly masters at finding “ their people”The smile on the kittens face is just heart warming! God bless you for taking the cutie in! We need more awareness when it comes to stray’s, they need food and warmth as well. Please keep the awareness going! And love that little fur-baby !!

Leukemia cat was languishing in shelter. This woman took him home.

She was probably the love of Bruiser’s life as well. So glad his last 4 years were filled with love and compassion.The fact that she not only helped Bruiser, she went back to find homes for all the other leukemia cats, is so heartwarmingWe had a stray leukemia cat come stay with us. She was at death’s door when we found her on our property. The vet said she would last only a few weeks and did we want to make her comfortable until then. That was seven years ago. She outlived all their expectations and had a wonderful healthy 7 years with us almost perfect health. We just lost her a few weeks ago at the age of 16 to kidney failure, it was devastating. Love you forever Koshka. She also looked like Bruiser! Except she had long hair. :)Her kids were so sweet and gentle around Bruiser, I get so scared when small children are around animals but the moment her son walked upto him with a bowl and said “Do you want some food to make you strong?” and fed him, it warmed my heart. Very sweet family 💚I’m happy she went with her heart, this cat clearly wanted to be with her and she with the cat. Beautiful story! I’m so sorry for your loss, bruiser was so loved by you and that is all he needed. It makes me cry as i lost both my cats in the past year. one looked like bruiser. I know how heavy it feels when losing them .. RIP BruiserWhen she couldn’t get Bruiser off her mind and even her husband had said no to her many times … but she pushed through for the sake of Bruiser. That being her one thought and instinct to help him and the other leukemia cats. For this kindness she received so much love from Bruiser. What true friends they were!You made his last 4 years amazing. He definitely loved you and you loved him. If you didn’t save all those cats with leukemia, they all would of died a lonely slow death. Never knowing what true love was. They would of never made it 4 years that’s for sure. But you changed all that for Bruiser and all the cats in that room. You are truly an angel. Thank you for everything you do.I cried watching this…specially now that one of my four furry babies was diagnosed with leukemia…I’m still trying to figure out what to expect of this journey…so far he’s fallen anemic with a tremendous loss of appetite which calls for me to constantly beg him to eat…he used to be such a strong, happy, purry cat, and now, he only wants to be in a dark spot inside a closet…watching this video, ultimately realizing a fatal end is the only certain thing I have with him, breaks my heartThis lady is INCREDIBLE!! She has created such change for Bruiser and all the other cats she has helped.What an amazing person and a fantastic example of humanity Laurence has set for her children.Much love and respect to you❤️🙏I am so thankful to this woman. I’ve been around cats with leukemia, and it’s sad to watch them deteriorate before your eyes. It’s always awesome to see someone make a difference for animals that desperately need it. I doubt he’d made it 4yrs if she didn’t take him. And on top of that she got all the other sick cats homes as well! An awesome person for sure. Thanks for the great story!4children.Much

Stray Kitten Follows Man Home And Becomes His Best Friend

Jo was walking his dog outside when he saw a little kitten wandering the streets all alone. At that moment, his dad instincts immediately kicked in. He knew he had to do something to help the poor kitten. Jo took the kitten home and named him Leo. Such a beautiful story. Thank you for taking him in it was the best decision for you both.I hope you have many fun years together! Blessings to all who take in stray animals to keep and love. This kitten had the cutest meow at 16-17 sec., and he knew this young man would help him. I have saved 3 cats off the streets, and one of them was dying. The Vets predicted she would only live 4 months, but she lived for over 2 years. The greatest experience is to save the life a defenseless animal. The love of my animals dwells in my heart for eternity OMG!!! His little meowing in the beginning of the clip… it captured my heart immensely…and my cats reacted as well!!!

When I see clips like this, I strongly believe that it was already written in the Stars, this was supposed to happen, right there, right then…

Such an adorable beauty he is today ❤️❤️ What a heartwarming “finding each other as nature ❤ intended it to be”. The kitten  choose you and you provided him love, home and food. He looked comfortable and adorable  on your shoulder as you go about your day. I am so happy he found a 4ever loving ❤ home b/4 something unpleasant happens to this sweet 😋 kitty. Should I quote “and they lived happily 😊 ever after!!! I assume that Jo was worried enough about the Kitten to check around the neighborhood to see if it had simply wandered away. I’m glad Jo adopted Leo and the dog was probably pleased, too. 😸 While walking the dogs, a kitten had hidden in the underside of my neighbor’s truck. When finally extracted, I brought her home. I fell in love, and she has claimed me as her own. Kittens are pure joy, and will return the love given to them 10 fold. The last 2 years have been so very painful and hard to handle. My depression is palpable, this video made me happy!! Thank you for your love 💘 That’s just beautiful.  I’ve recently found forever homes for 5 kittens. 1 they named Leo, because he looks like a Lion. Your Leo is just adorable and you can just tell he loves you so much. Good on you for rescuing a homeless kitten 😺

The most dangerous kitten in the world😻

A kitten named Pixel is trying to show that he is a very dangerous kitten! If only he knew how funny and cute he is and could kill us in only one situation – being an Этому игривому, но чрезвычайно милому котёнку всегда найдётся кого развеселить! 😍😍😍😍 Милый, красивый, пушистый и самый опасный зверёк! Я вот очень люблю котиков, у меня их два: одного рыжего зовут Микис, а серенького — Киша! 🐈🐈‍⬛OMG, I’m turning into such an old lady watching this and dying over the sweetness of this ball of fluff. Reminiscing over two orange friends of my own, Mikey and Thor (how do we come to these names?) and they were the best of the best. This one is quite different with the dark-tipped tail and a tiny bit on the ears and dark toe beans, unusual for oranges, I’d love to see him as an adult – but not too soon!Lets take a moment and appreciate the fact that the cameraman had the courage to come close to such a ferocious beast and make this video for us.Какая прелесть,повезло котятам с хозяйкой,нам тоже” повезло”,опять подкинули молодого кота,своих две кошки ,но зима холодно,пришлось приютить,кошки дерутся,мы переругались,весело живем,у меня стресс,выбросить на улицу не могу,уговерила оставить до весны,живем в часном доме.It’s so fluffy. ‘Tis literally just a ball of fur with blue eyes and a tail. It moves by magical locomotion. And you’ll never see the swipe attack coming.❤❤