Stray Kitten Follows Man Home And Becomes His Best Friend

Jo was walking his dog outside when he saw a little kitten wandering the streets all alone. At that moment, his dad instincts immediately kicked in. He knew he had to do something to help the poor kitten. Jo took the kitten home and named him Leo. Such a beautiful story. Thank you for taking him in it was the best decision for you both.I hope you have many fun years together! Blessings to all who take in stray animals to keep and love. This kitten had the cutest meow at 16-17 sec., and he knew this young man would help him. I have saved 3 cats off the streets, and one of them was dying. The Vets predicted she would only live 4 months, but she lived for over 2 years. The greatest experience is to save the life a defenseless animal. The love of my animals dwells in my heart for eternity OMG!!! His little meowing in the beginning of the clip… it captured my heart immensely…and my cats reacted as well!!!

When I see clips like this, I strongly believe that it was already written in the Stars, this was supposed to happen, right there, right then…

Such an adorable beauty he is today ❤️❤️ What a heartwarming “finding each other as nature ❤ intended it to be”. The kitten  choose you and you provided him love, home and food. He looked comfortable and adorable  on your shoulder as you go about your day. I am so happy he found a 4ever loving ❤ home b/4 something unpleasant happens to this sweet 😋 kitty. Should I quote “and they lived happily 😊 ever after!!! I assume that Jo was worried enough about the Kitten to check around the neighborhood to see if it had simply wandered away. I’m glad Jo adopted Leo and the dog was probably pleased, too. 😸 While walking the dogs, a kitten had hidden in the underside of my neighbor’s truck. When finally extracted, I brought her home. I fell in love, and she has claimed me as her own. Kittens are pure joy, and will return the love given to them 10 fold. The last 2 years have been so very painful and hard to handle. My depression is palpable, this video made me happy!! Thank you for your love 💘 That’s just beautiful.  I’ve recently found forever homes for 5 kittens. 1 they named Leo, because he looks like a Lion. Your Leo is just adorable and you can just tell he loves you so much. Good on you for rescuing a homeless kitten 😺

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