Leukemia cat was languishing in shelter. This woman took him home.

She was probably the love of Bruiser’s life as well. So glad his last 4 years were filled with love and compassion.The fact that she not only helped Bruiser, she went back to find homes for all the other leukemia cats, is so heartwarmingWe had a stray leukemia cat come stay with us. She was at death’s door when we found her on our property. The vet said she would last only a few weeks and did we want to make her comfortable until then. That was seven years ago. She outlived all their expectations and had a wonderful healthy 7 years with us almost perfect health. We just lost her a few weeks ago at the age of 16 to kidney failure, it was devastating. Love you forever Koshka. She also looked like Bruiser! Except she had long hair. :)Her kids were so sweet and gentle around Bruiser, I get so scared when small children are around animals but the moment her son walked upto him with a bowl and said “Do you want some food to make you strong?” and fed him, it warmed my heart. Very sweet family 💚I’m happy she went with her heart, this cat clearly wanted to be with her and she with the cat. Beautiful story! I’m so sorry for your loss, bruiser was so loved by you and that is all he needed. It makes me cry as i lost both my cats in the past year. one looked like bruiser. I know how heavy it feels when losing them .. RIP BruiserWhen she couldn’t get Bruiser off her mind and even her husband had said no to her many times … but she pushed through for the sake of Bruiser. That being her one thought and instinct to help him and the other leukemia cats. For this kindness she received so much love from Bruiser. What true friends they were!You made his last 4 years amazing. He definitely loved you and you loved him. If you didn’t save all those cats with leukemia, they all would of died a lonely slow death. Never knowing what true love was. They would of never made it 4 years that’s for sure. But you changed all that for Bruiser and all the cats in that room. You are truly an angel. Thank you for everything you do.I cried watching this…specially now that one of my four furry babies was diagnosed with leukemia…I’m still trying to figure out what to expect of this journey…so far he’s fallen anemic with a tremendous loss of appetite which calls for me to constantly beg him to eat…he used to be such a strong, happy, purry cat, and now, he only wants to be in a dark spot inside a closet…watching this video, ultimately realizing a fatal end is the only certain thing I have with him, breaks my heartThis lady is INCREDIBLE!! She has created such change for Bruiser and all the other cats she has helped.What an amazing person and a fantastic example of humanity Laurence has set for her children.Much love and respect to you❤️🙏I am so thankful to this woman. I’ve been around cats with leukemia, and it’s sad to watch them deteriorate before your eyes. It’s always awesome to see someone make a difference for animals that desperately need it. I doubt he’d made it 4yrs if she didn’t take him. And on top of that she got all the other sick cats homes as well! An awesome person for sure. Thanks for the great story!4children.Much

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