The collar is gone – nice! – and she looks well-fed. The cubs are the cutest things to ever have walked these woods, but then I’m kind of biased. Being that it’s her first litter I tried my best not to spook her or the little ones. She seemed pretty comfortable with the proximity so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing her again soon.My God, you are a lucky fellow. This was so crazy to see. If you’ve never seen a mother bear in the wild or know how absolutely insane they go to protect their cubs you won’t know how much of a downright blessing this wasConsidering how mother bears are the most overprotective parents in the animal kingdom, the fact that Simone trusts you enough with her babies speaks volumes.She looks so proud to introduce you to her little ones. The trust she has is unbelievable. The term “momma bear” is for a reason. It amazes me that she is just so chill with you.So sweet! And when they’re approaching the house it looks like she’s telling them to behave. “Now listen, we’re going to see my hooman friend, behave & don’t embarrass me” Thanks for sharing!The level of trust involved here is quite literally a once in a lifetime experience. I don’t think most people truly understand the level of pure aggression female bears are willing to exert on anyone and anything when their cubs are around. I almost can’t believe this happened that’s how crazy it is I love that hesitation at the very beginning, where she’s finally got both of them and it looks like she’s telling them, “Now remember, we’re GUESTS at Patrick’s house, so be on your best behavior or no Taco Bell on the way home.”Patrick thank you for sharing this with us all. This video really uplifted my tired heart. Thank you for putting a smile on my face ❤ Merry ChristmasOh my! Mama bear is beautiful and her babies are soooo precious! They must be newly born right? They’re so tiny! I once had a mama and two cubs in my yard- the cubs were much bigger than this – and the cubs got scared by a car and went up the big Blue Spruce. Mama stayed at the bottom of the tree aaaall day long until the babies finally came down after dark!That’s so special that she’s bringing her babies to show you 💕 what a proud mama bear 🐻 and rightfully so. She obviously feels very safe, and even affectionate to you. That’s really special ❤I am completely AMAZED!! You are so very blessed & lucky. You guy’s developing an atmosphere, relationship & trust with this 🐻 is INCREDIBLE!!! The fact she brought her adorable, sweet & beautiful babies to show you. To share that experience is breath taking. 😂 I think I would have passed out from the excitement & fear.

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