Most Emotional Dogs Reunions with Their Owners That Will Melt Your Heart ❤️Best of video 2023

Maybe dogs can’t tell us what makes them truly happy, but their actions give us the answer. These meaningful reunion moments can truly melt your heart. Enjoy!I’m sat here watching this crying my eyes out, as I had my best friend my beloved cat dye in my arms yesterday, I know she wasn’t a dog but she used to be the exact same if I’d been out ,she’d jump in my arms ,curling around my neck until she settled ,pets are so loyal they really are .Rest in peace my sweet girl.Dogs are so full of love . It doesn’t matter if you are gone 5 min or 5 months they are always so happy to see you and want to show you their love. I swear our dogs knew when it was about time for my husband to come home from work and could hear his truck coming down the street. Sadly, we lost our last dog a couple days before Thanksgiving 2022. Just shy of his 17th birthday and to the end he just wanted to be where ever we were,Dogs are so loyal, they never leave your side, they guard you, they make you so happy, they love you so much…It’s so hard when you have to put an old dog down, tears your heart out !  💕🌺All of us who have our beloved dogs know what it means for them and not only that, a reunion with their owners, yes, it is unconditional love and joy.💕🐶🐕Animals are better than many of the people walking the earth today. Their love is genuine. Thanks for posting. The video made me smile.

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