Stray Kitten Ran Up To The Fisherman And Asked To Take Him Home

While fishing, a family found a teeny kitten all alone meowing for help. They decided to give the kitten a home. :)I can only imagine how indescribably lucky that fisherman must be, because he thought he was gonna bring home some fish…but what he ended up with instead was the cat(ch) of the day!!!!! KITTEHS RULE!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you , your family and your friend for having kind and compassionate hearts . The kittens have to say thank you in their own way through actions directing them from their hearts and I’ll do the same , but I can tell you in words how much that day effected me through all of you – Thank you . I’m definitely not ashamed to say that moments like the one displayed here makes my heart swell with joy and relief .I had a kitten, older then this one, that showed up in my backyard and decided to hang out there. So, I fed him and he inhaled the food. I had a cat and a dog and did not want or need another pet but, he stayed hanging around my backyard – so determined.He was a polydactyl. A cat with multiple toes and thumbs.We let him come in and named him Thumbs.Today he is a fat, happy cat with quite the personality.Who argues with fateWe could see he was quite young by the color of his eyes, but he kept a similar, more artistic eye color as he matured. A beautiful cat, and I bet his brother is handsome, too!?What a nice pair of guys/fishermen for rescuing two tiny cute kittens and giving them homes. He certainly grew into a beautiful cat xxx Well done. The world needs more good hearted people. XxxxX

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