Mama Dog Reunited with her Stolen Puppies… She is Crying from Happiness

It’s strange how some people never consider the feelings of animals. That mother must’ve been breaking her heart for days. Well done for getting them back togetherAnyone else surprised and impressed by the condition of the guy’s shop? I absolutely respect the hell out a person and can take less-than-stellar conditions, and make them shine. Much respect. At first I wasn’t to sure about “the neighbor took them” but, after seeing what kind of people they are, I’m quite sure they’re being truthful.Also, to the woman who had been caring for this family even though she had no obligation I wish you a very happy life and I hope you get better neighbours ♥️Brought tears to my eyes watching how happy they all were to be together again. Why don’t people realize animals have feelings too? People are so cruel. God bless this family who cared for and saved this beautiful familyAnyone who hates animals to such an extent as to completely separate a mother dog from her children, is someone you should never trust. Hats off to these people for rescuing them and reviving the powerful bond between a mother and her children. You guys deserve endless support and love from everyone. Thank you for making this world a better place.What was truly wonderful to see was the mother’s love and need to be with her puppies, overcame the extreme fear she was having of human contact – she took the risk of getting close to be with them. The way some people treat animals as if they’re worthless always pains and upsets me. They feel, love, suffer fear and anxiety just the same as we do, and are left to agonising existences and tragically, even death. Your work is SO needed and valuable, FF – I only wish there were a million more like your rescue service. All love to you. I will try to send a few $$$ when I can get organised.There is no end to the amount of evil humans are capable of. It sickens me to the core of my soul! On the flip side there are some amazing people who would do anything to help these precious dogs. God bless everyone of them. ❤️❤️🙏What you are doing is just enormous, I’m thinking a lot of what is going on in your country and fortunately, there are humans like you committing to saving all these living creatures left behind for unwanted reasons….Thank you to you.We all love you. 🙏

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