Stray Cat Brings Kittens To Police Station Where She Was Fed

A stray cat prowling around a police station finally approached an officer, meowing for assistance. However, no one anticipated the kitty’s arrival.Animals can sense it if people are good or bad. And there’s a lot of stories of cats and kittens who has chosen people as their owners by walking straight into their homes and lives. I have heard of police dogs, but not police cats…..! 🐱If you wanted to put tears in my eyes with a truly moving story, you succeeded. 😢 Molang can teach humans about loving their children. Thank you so much. Many 🙌 to the officers who have love in their hearts.Aww that story I needed to see for sure 🧡🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🧡 The Officer saluting to Molang at the beginning of the video melted me, those Officers are Angels 🖤👮👮👮👮👮👮🖤 THANKYOU 🙏🏻A few years ago while I was having lunch in my back yard, a skinny cat could smell my ham sandwich and cam up to me. I gave her a sample and she devoured it. I gave her another and another she gobbled them all down, so i gave her a large slice.,she picked it up and carried it proud under the fence. Thinking she was feeding her kittens, I waited for her to come back. The next morning I was trimming my orange tree and she came back followed by four precious kittens. I guess she trusted me and knew I had plenty to share. So I did. We had an inside kitty and lots of kitty food so I made a large bowl of kitty dry food and added water to soften the crunch for the kittens. The mommy cat laid down near the bowl and the kittens started eating. We gladly fed them breakfast and dinner until they could be taken to the Vet, built them a kitty house large enough for all five and added a heating pad during the winter, we live in middle Florida. That mother cat wasn’t stupid, she knew where to go. The officers, so caring, praise to all of them. Great outcome in the end, just wonderful. xxxx 🐈💖 🐈🐱🐈

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