Tiny Kitten’s Cry for Help on a Freezing Cold Day

This small kitten was walking around near the trash bins, looking for food and shivering. The kitten meowed at me like he was asking for help. Then climbed on my leg and hugged me by my neck. I wouldn’t leave him here in the cold, in the rain. I put him in my coat and look for his mother. But there is none. He was all alone. I took him home. While walking back home he fell asleep inside my coat. Finally, he was getting warm. After arriving home I wait for him to get warm then I gave him food. The reason why; kittens can’t digest food when they are cold. They could get diarrhea. This video is only part one. I started to look for a home for him. A forever home. If you have the budget please consider supporting me and stray paws on Patreon: How could you not want to pick this little feller up and show him your love?  He’s adopting you, and he loves and sees things within you that makes you that very special person he wants as his very own.  Thank You for your kindness and compassion along with your expression of love for this little feller.Everything about him is the most adorable thing ever. His little meows. The way he jumped onto your leg to find refuge under your chin and inside your coat. How he fell asleep feeling safe finally. Just when I thought I couldn’t love cats any more.I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter stray kitten. Big beautiful eyes, cute, jumping on human and hugging them for dear life, falling asleep inside coat. I felt a real pinch of reassurance when i saw you take him to your warm place.Omg the way he crawled up on you and nestled inside your jacket made my eyes water. Such an adorable cute little kitten in need of some help. Who knows what would have happened if you didn’t come along? God bless you! He’ll love you for life, you’re his guardian Angel and I guarantee you that you two will share a special bond forever. Thank you for doing what you did! If I came across him like that there’s no way he wouldn’t be coming home with me…thanks for taking this lil angel with you! ♡ he must felt right when he saw you, that you are a good person. i hope you find him this forever home he deserves. but i would be more happy if you vould keep him. its seems to be like fate tjat you both found each other

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