Sad Shelter Cat Changes When He Feels a Woman’s Love

To see Otie now, cozy and purring, you might never guess he was once just another sad cat in search of a happy home. But that’s exactly how his mom, Alyssa Keeling, found him while on a visit to her local animal shelter.Sad Shelter Cat Changes When He Feels a Woman’s LoveThis brought tears of joy to my eyes :’) It’s so cute and bless their heart ❤️ She did the right thing, a depressed cat needs much love, she knew she could give him that and he got it 😊 I also had a situation where I cared for a neighbours cat when she was really depressed as she cared for me when I was depressed ❤️ Maybe that’s why this makes me very emotional 😅Love you oh alyssa!!!!Thank you so much for loving otie!!!!!!!!Your story made me cry tears of joy—you have a dear heart full of love!!!!!!God bless you sweetheart!!!!!!!!!Thank you, Alyssa, for giving Otie a home and may you both have a long life together. Cages are normal the place for kitties. It is so depressing to know many cats have been placed in shelters recently because their owners can no longer afford to feed them. It doesn’t take alot to feed a cat: they can eat human canned meat too. I hate this inflationary economy that has created so much misery for humans and pets. The governments and central banks that created this inflation and greedy corporations that have benefitted from it should be cursed for the misery they have caused: may they receive a just reward of misery.🙏I’m not surprised he was depressed stuck in a cage finally he found someone to save him and give him a happy life what he deserves bless him he is so adorable and friendly thanks for taking him homeHe looks like an Otie. I am glad that handsome little guy found his hooman. My younger cat is a rescue that was depressed at the shelter. She wasn’t interacting with anyone and preferred to hide in a cubby. When I asked to see her, we went into the cage and the moment I gave her chin scratches she melted and started purring up a storm. I’ve had her for 5 months now and she is an absolute sweetheart with the cutest squeaky meow.


The poor puppy was abandoned, kept barking, looked helpless, it cried, it takes the pot as its home

I can feel the love you give to this puppy and all other puppies. This puppy is so cute and so pitiful. Hello everyone, I am a country barber.I live in a backward rural area where few people consciously spay their dogs. Dogs are over-bred and puppies are abandoned almost every day💔My main goal is to help stray animals, find suitable adopters for abandoned puppies,🏡🐶🐾 neuter stray dogs, and make people pay more attention to the dogs around them.❣️Thank you all for your support and help👏👏💕💕💕The poor puppy was abandoned, kept barking, looked helpless, it cried, it takes the pot as its homePeople that think these video’s from the far east are real are naive and our being fooled.Why are they always puppies that are in great shape and beautiful.This guy is a classic con.This puppy was so conveniently left on his doorstep.The puppy was in a perfect healthy state,just like the rest of the puppies he finds.Saying he got a call from someone hearing puppies crying out in different area’s that always are staged.And all these pups are always well fed and healthy.Its all a scam on this channelChe amore che è…questo Angioletto meraviglioso!!! 🙏🏻😇🙏🏻🐕🐾❤❣❤ Spero che venga adottato il più presto possibile!!! 💫💑💫🏡💫🌻🌻🌻🌻 Buona fortuna piccolino!!! 💫🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀💫🐾🐕😇 Grazie mille per tutto quello che fai per loro!!! 🙏🏻😇🙏🏻🤲🤲🍀🙌🍀🙌🤲🤲The owner of this cute and lovable puppy is heartless and cruel for abandoning her to die in cold weather. It is heartbreaking to see that this adorable small puppy is going through pain and suffering alone when she should still be with her mother. She was very sad and crying, as she was terribly missing the love and care of her own mother. Thank you for rescuing this beautiful puppy and saving her life, and she needs your help so that she may live. She was so hungry and thirsty that she ate food and drank a lot of milk. When was the last time she had a proper meal? Thank you for your love and care and for giving him a home. I hope and pray to God that this puppy would live long and have a happy life with her adopter.She’s beautiful ❤️. I could fall in love with her instantly. Such a cute, sweet little girl.💓💓💓 I pray that her and all the other puppies you rescue find safe and loving homes. The forever homes they deserve.How adorable is this cutie. I can’t understand why people just abandon these helpless pups. It’s so sad. Thank you for doing what you do for these pups.

Once a man saved a puppy from starvation, and that’s the price he thanked.

bushes, and his body was shaking at a furious speed. He turned out to be abandoned and useless to anyone. I really wanted to eat, and it was insanely scary. A highway was located past his shelter, along which cars drove. Their sound frightened the baby, and it seemed to him that now his tiny life would be cut short. But the fate of this puppy ordered otherwise. Gennady realized that it was time to get up as soon as the timid rays of the sun penetrated through the freedom of the curtain. Despite the fact that it was his day off, the man decided to be productive, and not to lie in bed. He wanted to go to a hardware store to buy building materials to repair his own. Gene was 35 years old, he lived alone, but he already had an unsuccessful marriage behind him.Thank you for saving this sweet innocent soul and thank you to all who helped this kind man after his accident and cared for the pupPor favor en español porq no respetan ustedes los”lineamientos y tienen mas respeto? Q les sucede desde cuando los argentinos cambiamos el idioma? uns verguenza fastidio y bronca ustedes tienen la culpa hagan el favor….Une TRES TRES belle histoire qui aurait pu se terminer de facon tragique pour le Jeune homme et par la suite pour le chien heureusement tout s’est termine par la guerison du maitre de Chip et par la belle rencontre à l’hòpital……Un beau couple et leur adorable et fidèle ami à 4 pattes ferment UNE FAMILLE !!! 🥰🥰❤🙏🙏🙏Video meraviglioso. L’amore tra animali e uomini è semplicemente fantastico. Un angelo ha trovato un cucciolo e si è preso cura di lui. Il cucciolo lo ha amato fino a salvargli la vita. Che il Signore vi benedica semper a tutti e due. ♥️♥️Wonderful story…had similar experience and he brought me back from deep dark depression and 19yrs later I laid on floor with him as he lay dying from massive stroke…waiting for vete…he was my life and my world and still miss him and cry too after more than a years…animals are so special in their own way and definitely dogs are man’s best friend and love you unconditionally and unfortunately there are still people that abuse these and cruel to them and yet none ever go to jail and so many needless euthanasia.

Saving The Cats Before The Heavy Rain, Touched By The Mother Cat’s Motherly Love

In the distance I see the cat with something in its mouth. I followed and discovered the mother cat was holding a tiny kitten. I find her way of holding her baby very special. This is a method that mother cats often use when taking their kittens to another place. It looks like it’s going to rain, the mother cat feels unsafe with this place. I followed and saw a pack of cats in a warmer place. Perhaps the mother cat has prepared in advance. I feel very emotional but this place is not safe when it rains. I decided to bring the mother and the cats home. I feed the mother cat meat to have milk for the kittens. I prepared a lovely cage and spread warm blankets for them to lie on. I feel very happy to have brought them to a safe place. Not long after that it rained heavily, fortunately. Thank you for watching the mother cat and kitten mother love video!Thank you and God bless you for saving mom cat and kitties. You are a hero in the truest sense of the word.Thanks for saving this beautiful cat and her kittens! You have a wonderful loving heart! God Bless You! ❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻😻Thank you very much Mam for protecting the mother cat and her kitties for the coming heavy rains! May GOD blessyou for your kindness!Please monitor the mother cat and her babies because they are in a cage so that the mother cat doesn’t squish her babies so the babies don’t die from breathing difficulties. Don’t forget to make a video on the development of the mother and her babies. Thank you save mom cat and babies cat, mom cat happy have residence because babies peaceful and comfortable, I love cat and babies cat 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Very good job ,aap jab bachchho ko utha rahe the ,uski mummy ki siney me kitni dard Hui hogi . Bechari mazboor ,darri Hui . But finally she got a cozy place and got return her babies .Love from my heart for whole cat family . ❤️❤️❤️ .

YOU WON’T BELIEVE how this DOG looks after shaving all these dreadlocks

We DID NOT put him back on the street.You can see his new home in the background, at the beginning and at the end of the video.Lady who adopted him didn’t want to be recorded, but trust me, she met him with food and a huge smile.Sorry for not being enough clear in the video. What a scrutinising job is done! So meticulous! You are so truly amazing groomer! And of course the dog is very sweet and deserves the second chance in a forever home! Such a relief for this good boy!Thank you! And of course thank you to the man who filmed the whole process:)I love how ridiculously calm he is.  Like he knew he was being helped.  What a good boy.  Dogs are all love and no dog deserves to suffer. He must feel amazing!!! Thank you so much for doing this 💕Looks like he’s not used to the light in his eyes, poor guy! There’s no way my dogs would sit that still for so long, and tolerate nails being done at the same time! Such a difference…thanks for being an angel in his life! 🧡❤🧡The kindness you two have shown is heartwarming. As a shop owner myself, these are the most rewarding makeovers. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons these loving pets come to us looking as they do. I must say, I’ve adopted a number of dogs in this condition. I love it. Thank you for caring and providing the skill needed to correct the wrong.He is being so sweet and so trusting. They can’t tell us in words, but I am sure that he really appreciates the help he’s receiving. The technician who bathed and groom him needs to be commended for showing such care and patience. It was so cute the way he lifted his paw as if to say thank you.During his treatment I noticed his teary eyes. May be it explained the emotional pain he was been going through. The poor dog is so lucky to have you Angels around to help him.

Hope he will never be isolated for the rest of his life. 🙏❤️🌷It’s really sad to see a dog like this and it must be so uncomfortable with the fleas on its body. Thank you for grooming this dog (which is more than just grooming), and the lady who decided to adopt it and give it another chance – truly kind-hearted!What a kind and generous thing to do. He must have felt sooo much better after all that matted, dirty hair was gone. Not too mention the ticks and fleas. Great job! I hope he has the life he deserves now.He was by far the most calmest & most loving dog I’ve ever seen. His little paw to say thankyou after the bath….😍 I’d love him forever. XxFirst off, the person that cleaned up this poor dog should get a medal! Thank you! Thank God there are people like you. I cannot fathom how anyone could mistreat a dog like that. This pup looks great now and has his whole life in front of him to look forward to. To his new owner, you have a nice dog to play with and love. Good luck and thanks for adopting him! Shame on the people that dumped this dog off. 🐕