Man Didn’t Want a Kitten, But a Kitten Left Him No Choice

Married couple Natalie and Owen had never had a pet before. However, when they heard about a tiny kitten left without a mother, they immediately decided to take him in. Louie is the most adorable bebe in the world 😍😍 God bless you angels for saving this precious little warrior 👏👏 he’s obviously very much loved and adores yall!!🖤🖤🙏🙏Aaaawww… 💞🤗. The right time, the right kitty and the right family. Jackpot. 🐱. I wish all the best for the rest of they life.What a beautiful storyNow all Louis needs is a little brother-kitty or sister-kitty for company when Natalie and Owen aren’t aroundOh my goodness what a floof ball 😅 Louie is the cutest kitten and who could possibly turn him away? 🐈🐾🐾❣️ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL TAIL OF A KITTEN 🐾🐾🐈Love these stories! My wife and I did the same after our yellow lab of 14-1/2 years passed away. It took us 3 years to finally get another fur baby. And we got a rescue patch tabby named Junie! She has filled our lives with joy and happiness and I thank god, she let us adopt her 5 years ago!. When I was in high school a classmate gave me the cutest ginger kitten! My father was not happy. I was sitting on the couch and my dad was in his recliner, he looked over and said give me the cat. Seconds later Daniel, as I have named him,curled up under Daddy’s chin and feel asleep. My dad gruffly said,what do you call this,I said Daniel my father replied “Dammit” from that day on they were inseparable, and my dad always called him “Dammit” that was 50 years ago and I miss them both😢❤❤

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