Woman Wakes Up To Find A Random Cat Lying In Her Bed Like It’s No Big Deal

Waking up next to an adorable cat is one of life’s sweetest pleasures. Otherwise, it is more like life’s hilarious prank. Just ask Jacey Jonnson, who was both amused and confused to wake up only to find a strange kitty gazing at her.On beautiful spring days in North Carolina, I would open the doors and windows and let the breezes flow through our home. Late at night after doing this, my husband was awoken by our neighbor’s cat jumping on our bed. Eventually Bella came to live with us full time, our neighbor had many cats and Bella wanted to be in a home with one or two cats. We loved Bella so much, she had a great personality, so grateful she choose our family.One night in 2019, on my way to the bathroom, I saw a strange cat lounging on the arm of the couch. I was like, who are you? We, too have a kitty door. He came in and made himself home, had a snack (we had two other cats, so food was at the ready). Well, it’s now 2023, and Henry still lives with us. His “owner” is a neighbor on our lane. They at least know where he is. I have a feeling that he visits them, but he’s here every night. He likes my elderly mother. She comes by him with her rolling chair, when he’s sleeping, and she says “come on Henry, it’s bedtime”. Henry then jumps onto the chair, and they roll away to Moms bedroom for bed. One of these days, I will get it on video! It’s hilarious!They are strange creatures. Years ago a cat adopted me even though I already had three cats at the time. Sometime after that I found out he had a home around the corner but he obviously wanted to live with us. He was with me for about 15 years. Best cat ever. I still cry for him. ❤Yeah this is totally how we got our new cat (except he was scared of us). I heard a cat eating on the dryer and went to go say hi (we had four cats at the time)Suddenly I heard like.. a cat skittering away (and no hissing btw). I’m like ‘…why is our cats scared? What happened?’ And turned on the light to just in time see an orange ball run by me. ‘..wait.,orange?? We don’t have an orange cat??’Apparently he either saw our cats doing it (going through outside to patio doggy door and then figured out to also go in from patio to house and smelled the food) or one of our cats showed him.We left food outside for him (he was a skinny cat and had bite wounds on his neck) but we noticed the water we left for him got dirty and there was raccoon prints around the water and food bowl. Anyway he came back (i guess also after hormones stopped telling him ‘go out and defend territory’) and was basically like ‘ok, outside sucks. Please let me in)So now he got fatter (not like fat fat. A nice healthy bigness.) and he’s so fluffy! (He has one big patch of bald spot on both sides of his neck from wound closing and the fur not growing back. Which sucks when he tries to itch his neck he scratches his skin directly and not his fur so sometimes he has scabs from scratches on his neck.is name is Charlie (like the ‘good and plenty’ commercial ‘Charlie says, I love my good and plenty’. Except it was ‘Charlie says, I’m not falling for that trap’cat and had bite wounds on his neck) but we noticed the water we left for him got dirty and there was raccoon prints around the water and food bowl. We eventually trapped him (not with the normal cat trap. It was the ‘box in the string’ one because he wasn’t falling for other..tho our cats did haha) got him neutered (and had vets help with his bite wound on his neck), brought him inside out bathroom (again, he never hissed at us) where he eventually let us pet him and stuff. We let him out and he ran out. We didn’t see him for few days. And eventually he came back with more bite wounds on his neck (I forgot exact words but vet said something like ‘he was a fighter’ idk, like. He had bad wounds but didn’t run? Idk) lolWe eventually trapped him (not with the normal cat

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