Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies [Kitty sees them for the First Time]

I love how the cat doesn’t just straight up leave, they get up and move a few centimetres to sit down and re-loafThe puppy’s tail wagging so energetically! Puppies seem to be born with a default setting of curiosity, trust, and pure joyful life! Poor kitty is annoyed but seems prepared to endure them….to a point,at least. 😄 What a sweet video! ❤️Too cute. The personality of that one puppy is a whole mood. The adult cat has had enough but demonstrated patience while hissing at times. The puppy is very inquisitive and exploring his id her immediate surrounding irregardless of anything else. Cute little wagging tail. The other puppy is just chilling.Despite the death glare the cat gives at the end, it still knows and understands how fragile the puppies are.I love the character development in this video. The cat goes from “I just wanna be left alone” to simply lying down and resigning to its fate cuz the puppies are too high energy for it 😂

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