Man Found a Cat With Giant Mittens In a Shelter And Did Something Incredible

A man gave his heart to a cat with giant mittens he met one day in a shelter. Little did he know that the cat was destined to change his life forever. Meet PhilYou know l always thought “love at first sight” was possible. Now l am convinced it is. This man and his little buddy are perfect friends. Thanks for sharing their story.I have never seen an animal with a more fitting name. He was born to be named Phil.

Thank you for giving him a forever homeThat’s a lot of toes! I adopted two kitten sisters a couple weeks ago, one of them has extra toes (polydactyl) and they’re so cute and extra good at balancing.Phil is a doll! I’m so glad he found such a great home with Justin. Slmost the exact same thing happened to my mom and me when we saw Candy at the shelter. She was a little polydactyl kitten who had seven toes on one front foot and six toes on the other three . Her feet were almost as big as the rest of her when we adopted her! In addition her front seven toed foot was almost like a human hand’s thumb. She would pick things up between her “thumb” and the rest of her foot. She was one of the sweetest and most beautiful cats I’ve ever had. Alas, she was born with an inoperable heart condition and we only had her for 9 years. They were nine wonderful years.!!

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