Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Wake Me Up

Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Wake Me Up! We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos.This is fantastic. What a great way to wake up to (I love that Bailey and Rocky are a little rough though 🤣🤣) 🐶🐶💙💙🐾🐾😴😴their personalities are sooo different, Bailey wakes you up and Rocky protects you from rolling it seems he thought he was there to do, they are so precious 🙂

I think these type of videos are the best on your channel: Not trying to make any of the animals jealous, no animals hurt or feeling scared (the bird in the pool for example with the dog frightening it, the video holding the fish above water etc). Just you and the dog(s) having fun. I love watching them, I drop everything I do as soon as such a vid appears in my feed! 🐶🐕🐕‍🦺🐩🐟🐡🦈🦆🐦🦢🦜❤❤❤❤❤Thank you for sharing with us these videos of your handsome boys, Bailey and Rocky …. Where’s Teddy, btw? These beautiful dogs are godsends …. They bring such joy and happiness to everyone. Love them to bits! ❤️🐾


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