Dog meets baby for the first time

All rights to this song belong to Disney For the first time When I was pregnant my Chihuahua was always following me around & would sit by my side, then I had my Baby & she wouldn’t leave his side…Wow this reminds me of my tiny Yorkie angel she was amazing with my son when I brought him home from the hospital no idea why this popped up rip angelIf there is a nobler animal than a dog….I never seen it or heard of it. Dogs have a special place in paradise awaiting them.Made my day! Shortly gonna take my dog in the truck and go get my mail. Gonna be back in about an hour. Mail box is at the end of the block but she loves riding in my old truck and I love riding with her. Babies and dogs, gotta love them.Love it. As I watch these first meeting videos between dogs and babies, it seems like the dog is so excited, kind of indicating: my friend is finally here! I’ve been waiting for you!

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