Abandoned Kitten Doesn’t Stop Crying After Rescue and Receives Love

Tiny kitten was abandoned by her mother in a cat colony. Kelly and her brother Zach came to the rescue. The kitten cried out loudly until the boy hugged her …You, young man, will grow to be a responsible and caring person. At this young age, you are already showing how to care and love ❤ especially with a precious little baby like her. I love how you cuddled her when she was meowing and then she felt comforted by you and then stopped crying. Watching this really made my day ❤ 😊 ☺!!This young man is too adorable for words! His delicate-handling this precious kitten and the worry in his voice when he realized that kitty is meowing out of hunger is simply commendable. May both of them live a happy, healthy and long life together💗This brought a tier of love to my eye. I love seeing children taking care of kittens and puppies in need of love. Kudos to the parents for teaching these precious kids how to take care of such helpless little critters in need of love. Well done!Makes me think of how my niece is with my GF’s cat, they’ve gotten close. One time we came back after having her watch the cat, she’d fallen asleep on the couch. Cat was curled up in her lap.

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