Fluffy orange meets with the yolk 🐥

A British Shorthair kitten named Pixel first met a new friend, with cute little chicken.Oh my goodness! Absolutely the most adorable cutest video! When I play, I play hard, when I think I fall asleep with my new best friend! “Hey little chickadee, stick with me kid and I’ll take you places where you’ve never been show you things you’ve never seen and even give you a soft place to fall asleep”……… Now this video needs to win an award for the cutest and best new friend video!!When they were sleeping, it was the best moment. I feels like a peaceful atmosphere. That’s really great 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Fun fact: I’m getting chickens this spring and this video reminds how cute chicks are, thank you for this video ❤

Update: Their not chicks their just small chickenWhat an inspiring and absolutely beautiful video– they are both so incredibly cute and precious– I really enjoyed this god they,re just so cute and that fluffy kitten and precious chicken are pure delight. Thank you so much for providing this!!!s

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